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Submit your completed Job Description, Resume & Cover Letter Assignment + the completed Check List to this dropbox

Job Description, Resume & Cover Letter Assignment

Review the following:

Tips for Success:

Make sure that you read and view all the information provided above to help guide you in completing this assignment before you begin developing or submitting it.  There is also a required “Check List” (refer to the third bullet) for you to complete.

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Job Description, Resume & Cover Letter Assignment
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In teaching this course many times over many years, I have learned that at times students will forget important details when they submit this first assignment thinking that it is so easy and that they have done this before, and thus they miss the opportunity to complete each of the 3 required parts of this assignment with a new approach as specified, and their assignment submission is not optimal and requires substantial  improvement, resulting in disappointment.

Hence, with a focus on your success and to make this assignment even more relevant, I have developed a worksheet which requires you to check your assignment prior to posting it in the corresponding assignment drop box. This worksheet is also a required part of your assignment submission, and attests to the fact that you have reviewed your assignment based on the check list prior to submission. The intention is for this step to help perceptibly improve the 3 part final product (job description, cover letter, resume) that you will submit (together with the worksheet) for my review and grading.

By following these guidelines, the quality of your assignment submission (and consequently) your grade should also improve.

This assignment drop box is available for you to upload your assignment – which should include 3 parts + the Check List Worksheet = 4 : the job description of the position or internship that you wish to apply for, the corresponding cover letter, and your resume, as well as the check list. You may choose any job or internship that makes sense for you. Try to keep it as “real” as possible, so that you can apply this assignment to your particular circumstance, and it is relevant and useful for you.

Make sure that the information in the cover letter and in the resume is consistent. It is important that both have not only appropriate content, but also “look” professional.

Presentation is very important! For a professional look, you may wish to consider using the same letterhead with your contact information for both your resume and your cover letter. You can be creative and make your letterhead reflect your professional personality -> perhaps by adding a line of color or a distinctive professional font. Remember: you want to distinguish yourself from other applicants for the same position in a positive, professional manner! Your work/ each assignment is part of your “brand” and creates perceptions of YOU/ your image.

Make sure that you read the assignment description and watch my assignment video. It is important for you to search for an appropriate job listing/ internship and to prepare your cover letter in response to this job opportunity as if you were actually applying.

  • Submit your completed Job Description, Resume & Cover Letter Assignment + the completed Check List to this dropbox.

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