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You need someone ask her why so it does take time again it’s all about relationships and then we’ll also talk about campaign the annual campaign we’re making for example you’re going for funding of your summer camp brokers to a capital where it be anything from you wanna build a building for your organization to where you wanna renovate a space that you have and then also plan giving or talk about planned giving’s against planned giving it takes time but when we are able to do plan giving and build that program to be able to get funding that will help you for the rest of your future we have some people at the boys and Girls Club who have written us in their will and when they pass on summer give us land but they want us to actually sell I’m I’m gonna I’m giving us their IRA account R giving U.S. stocks when I when I pass on so it’s a typically people knees although we do have some people who are giving us their $10,000 life insurance that they might get from from their company that they work at so that would help a lot too it’s not only a person that means necessarily might be a person like me who just really cares about that organization wants to give away that they can and one way they might already have a major life insurance policy and this is like a small one that they feel that they you know give and add the boys and Girls Club or another organization is as a benefactor so there’s so many different ways to get any of these familiar with you that you’ve used for whether we worked for a nonprofit and how to work on getting funding or whether you just have read a lot about it so you never understand yeah we actually grants OK power hungry it’s coming out of France we’re talking about kids by force but this much pride you know random great yeah no yes yeah I also know a lot about grants from the course last semester I love you yes I think I’ve seen that’s correct that’s really so the granted applied for how they been from private foundations and corporations like Hanover or the government or you know like state or federal funding let it have you been successful my hand you know preparation well but also acoustic foundation yes other organizations like Fletcher so greater western Community Foundation is considered a Community Foundation even has in the main where the Fletcher foundation he’s speaking about is actually a Family Foundation many many years ago I think over 100 years ago the Fletcher family established a fund a foundation and in their bylaws it states it needs to go to a Worcester nonprofits so they entertain applications about four times a year and they fund everything from the arts to small capital improvements there are wonderful foundation in blisters actually lucky they have about 1010 major family foundations on top of the four blocker foundations like Hanover and then you ask about Community Foundation that’s the main Community Foundation and Mr obviously but it happens since I think almost all essential mass bridge Community Foundation so they serve a big region but again it’s in their bylaws so just like we as a nonprofit have bylaws regarding what we’re going to do a foundation also has rules and regulations that they have developed and bylaws state that for example everything from we will have at least three trustees at all times one of which might be from the Fletcher family the other two you know appointed they might say things like we will make decisions four times a year of which only 4% of the interest will be given from our you know foundation so just like we have to have by laws and regulations and a mission and a vision uh foundation also have that so um France I’ll give an example people think special events are wonderful and they are you can stand hundreds of hours of getting special event ready and maybe make 50,000 which is not bad you could spend maybe 10 hours on significant grant again $1,000,000 so I think special events are important but I would always say only get it passed and we do it if it requires everyone on your team still this just on that special event whether it be a golf term or whatever it might not be in your best interest rate might not be big enough to do a big special event is it really pulls everyone where I highly recommend when you have it growing nonprofit that it’s possible to hire either as a consultant or as a team member a grant writer grant writing is special Allison you took the course like it’s not like any regular type of riding you know certainly if you’re a good writer it will benefit you to learn how to print right just because I’m good creative writer or essay writer doesn’t mean necessarily that they’re good grant writer so I think it’s really important that again you wouldn’t necessarily want the executive director CEO do all the grant writing ’cause this pulling the executive or CEO from doing other important things so when it ever possible hiring someone to write the fridge whether they be on staff or whether the consultant especially for big grants it’s really important to matter fact I know that there’s some nonprofits that hired obese woke to write grants special maybe they should handle the smaller grants but there’s a big federal government branch do they’ll have her focus on that so they can do all this smaller things but you know I highly recommend I I was still valid for nonprofits when they decided to do it and they don’t have anyone who’s really done great running before and they’re like our mission is so great why don’t we get funded and sometimes there could be a lot of difference but sometimes because they just weren’t able to present what they’re doing in a manner that would excite with the funder you know so I think it’s really important that when possible inquire professionals to help with grant writing for sure I need you familiar with microloans so if you’re stuck and somebody you’re thinking of starting a nonprofit if you’re starting a nonprofit you might be eligible for a small business loan uh and uh micro needs something smaller up to for 500 to 50,000 so that’s certainly one way we would be able to come out apply for a loan have you all heard of exude a AX UDA so digital credit union or digital credit union they they’re pretty movement yes there are credit union in central Massachusetts and they’re very successful and they started this exuded program where an individual say you’re the executive director or you’re you’re hoping to start a nonprofit that apply it’s only up to $600 but what’s what’s beautiful about it is you do not pay back in interest and they give you a full year to pay back so you might say I’m gonna pay you $60 a month after 10 months and pay you back there’s no interest so that’s called a a small microphone but zoo that would be an example of a small black book sometimes I blister Chamber of Commerce also has micro loans and you go on to the Worcester Chamber of Commerce website to find out so I did provide this is I’m a little I did provide their their website also but Michael Moser are good because typically you don’t have to provide the proof adapter for a big business on right I mean that they would want to know like what you have for equity and things like this this is something where they’re taking a little bit more of a chance with you but then you’re not gonna get as much money that makes sense yeah so you said that you were talking about special events and special events sometimes take something yeah so we cannot understand it was support function speech that is true take up a lot of tears spending all my money get out of that it’s a little bigger than that right I think it depends on what we write the boys and Girls Club can get half $1,000,000 grant yeah so we’re gonna be like like if you’re playing for our brand but normally they don’t give you like 50% but you know like that 20% or something like that so sometimes it depends right for you I think for your special events but but we only do like two to three year and they’re based on our vision I’ll have a bit more about special events but again the money and also but it’s a special event besides the time can really eat into your profits we had a very successful day la it was at Elm park with the first to have a big gala under the lights big white tent is beautiful at Alan Parker Worcester but we were able to make it successful we actually after all of our costs expenses we still raked in 200,000 so that was worth it burns but something else you wanna look at is are you making friends if you’re gonna make new friends is worth it too and I feel like the game that we were able to make some new friends which really did help impact our ability to continue to fund the following year especially ’cause we literally had that September of 2019 and had planned to do another one in September of 2020 but guess what happened the pandemic and so it was actually good that we had had it 2019 it will still stay in touch with some of the new dollars we met through the gala and keep them after the age for example in January of 2020 to 2021 and now it’s 2022 we sent them a count as kids we can we wanna make sure it fit needs our mission so as our kids thanking them and talk about how great the club was and things like that and then we also have done lots of the kids have created and sent out to large donors so we’re gonna keep them engaged still even though they weren’t able to catch anymore on site events but it was a sponsorships that allowed us to make more money I’m getting example we decided for the gala that to be a presenting sponsor that they will be 50,000 and we’re able to get three companies give us 50,000 so we already had 150 right there and then we have some other ones that were from 1000 to 25,000 so something for everyone we also did an auction we were able to make some money but it took so many hours I really still believe it was worth it it was a lot though we still had to do the grants so how to do face to face solicitation still had to do all these other activities you get to that goal that’s what I would say is that even if grants bread and butter still need do other things you don’t have to put all your insulin basket I think there’s the pandemic certainly taught us that that when you put your eggs in one basket it really could backfire it really can’t and you know there were some organizations that thought they were gonna just rely on fees for service but because they had to close for a while to be on site they didn’t have other sources of funding and so people who maybe I’m just making this up maybe pay at that nonprofit to have a health membership where they could you know use the fitness center and the pool because of kovid they weren’t able to be on site for the first three months you have to remember March 2020 the end of June of 2020 no one was allowed on site unless you were emergency child their fitness centers were considered emergency so they were closed so for three months they were not profits it did not have the for service programming and that really hurt them so those who had ran some other ways to get revenue who did better than those who mostly relied on deeper service that makes sense any questions on micro loans so then there’s regular bank loans uh I would say with bank loans they definitely will be worth it but again I think for us to hear a startup it would be very tricky to get it like you don’t have a history they’re not able to look and see well you make this revenue last year so therefore I think they got that loan so I think it’s harder I think they would if you ask her 25,000 or less and were able to show what your revenue or business plan is you might be able to get the loan but I think it is tricky to get a regular loan no and I would say again I think it might be more successful for you to do crowdfunding especially if you don’t necessarily need a lot of money’cause if you look at that 34 billion is raised worldwide crowdfunding 2015 that was the most recent I was able to get even more now that I think about that that’s just amazing to me alright then we’ll put a pause on this because our guest speakers are here yay hi Kim hi Monica please come to the come to the front of the class so this is Monica Roland camp salmon I didn’t know if you wanted to introduce yourself I think you’re gonna be the first speakers I sure OK great first one and then yeah sounds like everyone has to ask so we wanted to show it I’ll be like your banner

My name is Monica Lobo and I’m the vice president of community health transformation community benefits are you mask memorial house you want to advance it to wear like this anyways so that that’s who I am I’m actually originally from Columbia hi born and raised there and then I went to school in Providence RI so I’m a graduate or Brown University my background is in anthropology and also public health I mean working at UMass them Oriel close to 20 years before that I actually was ten years at UMass medical school and it’s all he could say practically all my life I’ve been working on programs that should support any proves the quality of life for horrible population specifically around axis so let’s see what else can I tell you about um before we begin I am going to tell you a little bit about UMass memorial tell you about what we do in terms of working with that community and community projects funding projects how we can move our work and some of our guiding principles and also touch upon which the anchor mission is turn it off a little bit about that strategy that health care systems and other institutions are constant country and being tackling but at any rate UMass memorial you went too fast go back to UMass memorial please yeah so he met we are the largest private health Max we actually have 16,000 employees we are a for campus we have the Worcester and moral campus and went down at university in Canada those are different campuses then we have our N we have health alliance Clinton message Brooklyn’s Terraria covering north county about this our hospital and then last year we acquired a parenting in Southbridge so that’s how we have our core system and we’re the also the clinical partner for UMass medical school so all their residents interns they’re all you know coming into our system to get their own patients and get trained and then uh we we aren’t what’s called a safety net hospital hospital with one that actually has really a large amount of uninsured patients in our system so that’s designated income there whether you have insurance for that we have we take you in as such it’s a classification we’re not for profit so we don’t pay any taxes and actually that’s important for me to say because I’m actually that’s where my work comes in call community health link is the one other program behavioral health they are affiliating with plus they’re mostly taking care of you know sucks he moves from and also some of the homeless um artwork is actually community benefits work so we as a hospital we don’t pay taxes so we have to do some community activities the IRS internal Internal Revenue Service and the Massachusetts attorney general specs now two provide activities with the community talk a little bit more about that but what is important here to say is that we do have a community benefit mission and I’m really happy about this because I committed definition and really builds up on the on on the definition of health you must Memorial Health crystal managed to improving the health status of all those it served to addressing the health problems with them for another medically underserved population it’s basically in addition some medical conditions of negatively impact the health and Wellness of our community on earth dress but it’s not just about access to health it’s also this is is is cascading down from the World Health Organization survival arm explode about how basically why do we keep sending people back to their community without really addressing social determinants of health factors so 20 years ago now everybody’s talking about social 20 years ago our board of trustees approved this mission but I feel really happy because we were always trying to be ahead of the curve and they were now people in my sister would look at me and say that’s not our problem our problem is to have people come in and take care of them but if you take care of them but you’re not considering what’s happening to them outside the hospital watch if you are for example you have asthma you have triggers in the home and you can’t fix that those I was telling this afternoon to another group of students that if we don’t address those issues outside the hospital walls that they’re gonna be coming back you’re not gonna get better and you know what it’s gonna cost more money so same thing with a diabetic with diabetic comes in to the emergency room they don’t you know they wait until really things get really bad they are looking for a place where to live by roof it’s when they get really bad they go to the emergency room but then they get sent back out so they want they go under the bridge she’s outside so then they come back and they they gotta have their medication it’s worse so now everybody is thinking Healthcare is changing now we have we’re not getting reimbursed yet for social determinants of health but it’s on the horizon when I work in a medical school it was about medical interpreting we got six hospitals in this area that then Kim grew up here on my transplant but there were six hospitals I went down to two mega systems and what would happen is that there were no interpreters and so if you spoke Spanish I happen to be talking Spanish if there was somebody in the emergency room I would be pulled over and forced to not force but asked to interpret well you know America is a skill for now 25 years later medical interpreti is part of doing business in the same thing I think it’s gonna happen is that these these insurance companies there’s already a movement Kim has worked in the insurance side we would need solution that they don’t come a time the way that we’re going to be reimbursed is not counting you know if for every Jason you’re gonna get this and it it’s really long it’s gonna become different payments we’re gonna pay you how well you take care of your patient so after Cassie social determinants of health community health workers will be part of the businesses in the future so that’s coming down the Pike so let’s see the next the next one is I talk about he requirements so we don’t pay taxes instead but we need to report to the IRS they make us and something things are good we have to do reporting on schedule H so this time I’m sorry to work with my finance department and to the catalog all the activities related to community work that we’ve done and also the Massachusetts attorney general requires that we report to them so if you get on the web page of internee Jeremy and you look for commuting benefits report you’ll see our report and then the other piece is every three years we have to do a community health needs assessment actually that’s How I Met him because back in 2012 thereabouts in 2008 we started working with vision of poverty counts and we get our first we call it in the chart when we talked but in 2012 ’cause every three years you have to do it basically you know we looked at the data we have focus groups we have key stakeholders you know what do you think are the issues impacting the community because you know what for me as a hospital maybe I’m thinking certain way but in a community maybe thinking you know that fasting that transportation now Thor iti cup but we you know we can’t get to your hospital list transportation you know how am I gonna get there So what basically is making a point that if we need to talk to people that’s what we think is important it’s not necessarily work and sometimes these data bases are are not updated we did our chop and put the 2021 chop but you know what there was still we had been I had to present to my room prestige and get approval but we’re gonna have to update that because when we needed to present it for approval there was still that sense it’s we’re really like his box right so they still had a whole bunch of after we need to update any way she used to make a story short we also have to write a report with that report actually does it’s always a year behind but no files and year later so do I need report is on our page we have to do a lot around Clovis so we are seeing oh thought it was important that we do COVID testing and vaccination we have a care mobile program that goes back to 22 school and provides oral health Worcester doesn’t have any pride in its water supply so it’s all identified as a huge need so you have a lot of children particularly those 22 schools or schools that that are how I’m not my children so we made our priority to the care mobile which you see in in the slide up above and if you want to hit that once a sick leave benefits report here yeah so we have a dental laboratory and want it and then we also have a medical and you would say you know what’s our model for medical well I like to stay where we’re bringing in people who are not connected to care or who can get in here so we go to 12 different neighborhood sites and you come into that care mobile we treat you like anybody else who has full insurance it’s beautiful and it’s actually license under our clinical system so our approach to our work so we we have some funding I have some some discretionary funding and that’s what our approach is guided by these principles so health equity is at the core of all our work we there’s a lot of inequities going on particularly around health care so that for us is fundamental in fact actually I think it was in 2012 when we did a community health needs assessment Dallas one of the things is that we wanted to make sure that all it had a cross cutting across all the things all the things identified that equity was performed and also we also did social determinants of health worth waiting here because she was one of she when she was at Valentine with one of the keys leading organizations with the whisted division of public health to get this assessment going partner with public health do you know how many hospitals are still staying there Simon apartment now we really have actually reform some great part professional partnership with our colleague Karen Clark at public health things that you know we felt there was important also cross cultural cross cross sectoral and multi sectoral so it’s not just about it with the health care but it’s important to also reach out to other organizations so for example we have partnership with the one of the community Development Corporation is in 2008 housing practice about that in several you know you could go I mean the more the marrier you need help you can leverage maybe your contribution is something else it doesn’t have to be money I mean it it doesn’t have to be in kind it could be different things and also their community knows best really when you talk to people they know and so you need to respect go out and hear the voice of the community up to you and then we have what’s called the incubation and basically what it is more about that later it is that’s a strategy right so my work is community health improvement fermenting the dots but that is a strategy where we’re using internal assets in the system to try to have an impact in the long run in the community we’re looking at investments that means that we have everybody all clinical systems has a pot of money it’s called investment or but if we can use some of that money to not grants but unknown to the community very low grade maybe we could make a difference we’re a big employer let’s hire from our backyard let’s not try to bring people from outside because if your employee you work in in in in the area you’re gonna have insurance and you know people you’re gonna be healthier and you’re gonna have you’re gonna have a job and hopefully you won’t be in poverty so um hiring is important and then also procurement we do over $1 billion for purchasing or what can we gain our hope for polio look and see if there are things that we can tell for local procurement and lastly with 16,000 employees Royce for special projects be available to work so that so that the information builds up on those assets can you go back a little bit more sorry after Theta ada speaks we know what neighborhoods really are in bad shape in this community just from living here for a long time but when you really go grill down you have it right there that speaks mountains for people who for probably 20 to fund your efforts and then identifying the community health needs band other plant we have to have our own internal strategic benefits plan but we cannot change just doing that it’s not going to help so that’s why in 2012 we started our community health improvement plan for the community and that in itself is a class so the coalition for a healthy grader will start is now just driving four steps working on making sure that some of those strategies getting to the Community Housing plans for the community so if you get on on the founder web page you’ll see there OK next I talked already about so important that social equity social determinants of health those social economic factors education I mean really why we why should we worry about education well yeah we’re not able to get the Barnacle populations educated you know they’re not it’s we’re not gonna make a difference so social determinants of health and HealthEquity is like from the mentally our strategy or us and then we can go to the map yeah one more just like that wanted an example you know what kind of things have we done yeah so this is just kind of what the plants I already talked about the camel bill well uh in yellow those are either the schools or the stops that we do we have we had because now actually it has a permanent home a mental health model for youth actually it’s projected to the boys and Girls Club now in seven hills but usually we have actively amplify circle flat of Clark Inspector Laurie Ross actually developed that mental health model where you had counselors at specific locations where news congregate and that they would get some leave they are available to address issues that impact the youth things that were that probably maybe impacting quality of night then they work with that that population Rick and usually last night yes there was a girl with website sector was another site night he did one at girls Inc yes we regard YMCA and YWCA YMCA girls think was for that but now it’s anchor at seven with seven hills I think that money is flowing in now because with all of mental health issues that have happened with academic my understanding is that we need to get we need like a string for that so she’s like gaming yeah it’s like so many times we know we were working off on making sure that program recreation Worcester is a program there in the summer we do with the city of Worcester basically again are you barnickel use your site for that so so there she’s a boys boys across part with being a partner with us so you have two people here that you know I’m looking partner that offers up during the summer months with parents at work making sure those kids have a place to go in the park they’re learning and they’re exercising their having activities they’re having meals for some of them the school stops and they may be getting nails at school but what happens very much summer so they they have a meal program and many times actually the parents would also at the end of the day would also have a meal when they come and pick up first time home ownership program I do wanna talk about that ’cause II I feel so good about that that we had an opportunity to put some money in development partnership with the Bayside CBC and we decided to put that money towards subsidise down payment thanks so much thanks So what did that mean is for example I have employee of mine it wasn’t limited to employees for the community but they were able to get a down payment if you qualify and we didn’t do any of that we just said to the site CBC basically amount of money you know all the criteria is by in terms of aligning it with the government criteria for loans and things like that and I legibility but I had for example I had a single parent in Floyd with several kids making you know at that point maybe around I don’t know but then probably $12 an hour living in subsidized housing and I said listen you gotta go and talk to these people because you know what you can get adopting and and see if they could qualify you might be able to get out of Washington Heights and be able to buy your own home but if you do qualify you’re gonna have to train the train to be a homeowner you can be a man Lord and that’s when I’m gonna help you be able to also have your payment for that mortgage and that’s what this person is now she’s built equity equity and I guess I never see boring Worcester that we again that we can probably pull to try with everything that’s going on I mean I think it’s getting really hard for people to be able to buy their first home community gardens we worked on that or in urban agricultural programs the pediatric question one of those two that’s really very good one yeah yeah yeah that’s right a study we work with doctor Hirsch he collects dogs that are being in that home but you know that they’re not at risk for June and all and then we we’ve been curated some some places like the new center the Southeast Asian coalition they were all part of it actually speaking about funny they were not they were not incorporated the Southeast Asian coalition baby baby transport 1975 for Vietnam the world work we get nominee Americans came out they blonde large population came here maybe here for that long and they wanted to get a center and what we did is we we staff the first director they were all my customers we were paying them benefits getting their pay until they got stable being rude and they were on their own so that’s another thing that you know we have made it possible for that group to be able to get themselves organized and be able to help center and let’s see that’s it for now so our criteria is they started the general criteria for finding it must address a community health need party being in the needs assessment and also we love to see social determinants somehow we love to see partnerships that address fully security address housing education transportation and all those things because those are things that typically are important for our health care system to to ensure that folks are getting healthier uh the programmer must have fiscal oversight to receipt community benefits OK you may not have your 501C3 but you do have a fiscal conduit that’s what we did with the coalition for healthy greater wister we went to our friend your professor went and I said can you can you can you do be the Facebook panel for this coalition but now we’re growing they needed an anchor and she said yes and now and now we’re exploring that organization during its own 501C3 but that’s where we are looking at seeing they were you know they got a big prize from the Robert wood Johnson a cultural health they got his money you know what and it and that’s a coalition is almost exactly that’s a life of its own you know we’ve been supporting them 2008 when it used to be common Catholics but the girls the ownership and that’s the other thing it’s about community ownership we can’t do this alone you know we need him salmen in her or her organization we need the boys and Girls Club so it’s about shared ownership so everybody has a stake in this in that or find a way like you said I did was able to put the Southeast Asian but there’s a bit more the present director who’s been there for about 10 years or 12 years but you have them on my paper even the youth Center for a long time they were also until 20 years after we yeah maybe 10 years ago said you know what the babies grow you being so good about you know developing you know your your your head out now you’re gonna shake shake so let’s find a succession plan to be on your own and that’s what we did get Justin appointment appointment that Justin respect is that a lot of nonprofits don’t start as nonprofits they really start with an idea they start with the need identify a need and then they try to work towards a solution one of the best people that you guys have who’s presenting in front of you each week will you come to class as Linda caveolae the YWCA was really the launching pad for a large number of nonprofits today they served as the fiscal agent good morning Sophie yes I I would really have a conversation with her about that because many of those nonprofits hundreds of nonprofits under the under her 10 year when she was at the YWCA were launched because of her giving them an opportunity to link to the YWCA to her physical agents that they very explore their their focus their mission and then do something of importance and you’ll see that there are many organizations and I don’t know probably come in and presented to you guys there are men who are still in that phase of transition like legendary legacies if you guys have heard about them incredible organization which I encourage you guys to take the time to go out and see some of the that that new organizations are establishing themselves in those type transmission into not profit but a lot of those were anchored by two people Linda cabuli so Monica doesn’t even begin to give herself credit it was really about having a funder that was willing to invest in an in a concept in an organization who was willing to say that word partner giving that this opportunity you need both you need the money and we need the the the the fiscal agent who says I’m gonna I’m gonna take you a lot and I’m gonna give you this opportunity and Monica really has LED dad but it starts with two key things to keep it thank you anyway so I did permission before I turn it to Kim so I already talked to you these are the four at these are the poor areas are acids the investment taking money from that investment fund that we have and making good ocated loans how to graph very low rate for a special efforts that may be revitalizing our neighborhood but we talked about the pipeline the purchasing power he wants to try to see what we can do for local find local and then of course the volunteer so one of the things that we did in the next slide list is that actually was my boss general operation which also I’m wonderful person and and she she said to me harmonica what do you think about it anchor district I said yeah let’s talk a little bit more with the details so that means like a special area where you kind of focusing you put a lot of your assets to see if you can improve that and So what what what what happened was on this is that we started to look down at the data place lab you know where you live place matters right and we started to look and we found out the life expectancies in some of these accounts but we even also until we when we look at that we got our office of clinical integration those are not the folks around at all the data analysis like for the patient reporting together with this and then we looked at things that were going on in the neighborhood and so as part of that is that you can’t see it very well but you have two areas we look at life expectancy we looked at life expectancy also compared to other countries we are in bad shape in terms of metrics OK so other countries but even looking in our backyard is you see the fuller part area you know there’s been a lot of activity going there I’m talking about the fuller park as you’re passing Kelly square in the parking up here on the right this whole area on the left side is the first proper Franklin Park there is a we have issues with life expectancy and then you compare it up near WPI near the Art Museum and you see there’s a huge discrepancy .1 Armory is impacting and so we drilled down on that and uh and the next slide talked about that and and we we looked at the investments we’ve done if we thought these are some these these are examples for under the information that investment we’ve we’ve given we’ve done investments of so we have 1% of our investment dollars released institution filling up for millions was put aside to invest by the way it’s not just the western we’re doing this across our whole system east South and these are some of the examples we gave that we we carried in hospital or do you want position they got some money to do some work down in Southbridge there’s a lot of farmer T going down there in that area we have 400,000 we landed to Worcester common ground is this stuff we need Development Corporation people petitive and be able to buy property they could do first time home ownership we also said we would fund half a million loan to creative hub which is the old boys it was there was former being one of those storage places there was somebody came there so there was energy that community that I had it it’s it was OK I think it was our king $9 million want to bring in have like two wheels for artist they were gonna have a caterer and very nice right there on Main Street right Maine and Chandler anyways so we said you know assuming they narrow all the money that we would give them 500 under load and also there with the homeless project what doing three years ago we there was an effort by the city and others we know the Health Foundation who build homes for the homeless people and so we said that we would put money to be a warrant toward the event that money wasn’t come through so I know they are they’re building those that housing and part of that is also weak this I wanna say on the last bullet actually we gave 300,000 to the Eastside CDC that CDC was the first CBC that I work back in 2007 but when talking about partnerships is I dropped I drop together Eastside CBC and a private investor they came together to do what’s called that tiny homes for elderly who risk of being homeless so you’ll never be private investor had no clue what that did and then that CDC was able to put an application together learning with this private investor which is simple I don’t know how you heard about actually he was yes he’s working so Speaking of bringing people to different centers that both people do work so that’s my whole message is you know proste I’ll German king used to say and then you know see where you could find that common ground because you might find something better G try to do something special and I feel that was special heart initial work with the Eastside CDC and in this particular one they’re off they put their submission through the state so that they could do and hopefully they’ll be starting the actual will be working on the planning of those tiny homes and then yeah the timeline I just wanna give you an example you know we started working with public health the coalition that started we did this kind of a chronology of all the community health needs assessment in 2012 so 20 seven 2008 we start planning with the health department and common pathways in our first chop 2012 we had Fallon came came on board how we get that check 2015 another child so when you kind of take a look if you look back and you say man you know it’s still not having happiness without building partnerships so when you look at it this way you really value what said and then I like just to close with really what I think speaks to Arbor is we can’t do this why do we keep treating people for illnesses so we can send them back to the conditions that created illness Sir Michael warmech was one of my heroes so we have a lot community partnering in the coalition building because in the end

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I enjoy having on my slides directly to Charlie to present so sorry it’s cheating so uh my name is Kim what is this program what are you guys taking this class Dan so I basically came out probably so here’s what I mean there is no profit sector for 30 years I was never I was always probably not the Spartans right so are you sitting in your game today organization that I have used to work for not very specialized in I was just rolling so once I get this job is you know I go from that went from very specialized to Rachel checking their budgets and all that so my my station OK right so this is a Graduate School class it’s nonprofit management and it runs the gamut we have some people who just think they might be interested in working for nonprofits to people we’re actually going to start that’s really gonna wonderful rich class with this a lot of different alright so good I just wanted to kind of understand the lens in which I was kind of giving you some experience so first of all I’m Kim Sam and I have been in non profit for over 30 years and when I started non profit I did it while I was working my way through school so I don’t know I’m assuming that many of you are working while you’re in school I was in school to be a chef I know makes no sense how did I end up here well I started in school and I wasn’t working through school I was working in Human Services it was actually working in Needham mass at this place called Walker home at school residential program so it’s working there and I kept seeing needs come up for the kids that we were serving but the organization just didn’t have the funds or resources to support them which for me was a challenge I just I was person who felt like there was something an obstacle in my way I was going to find my way to kind of work around it so while there and while kind of understanding these needs I started to kind of investigate it go down and meet with some of the leaders which they thought I was folding brace and for just walking in there absolutely listen we need to we need to do more of this than the kids and they would be like we don’t have fun you know but we need to find a solution so let’s kind of work together on this they’re like listen grants that’s what we did and I was like OK so I’ll write a grant so I started doing that while I was still in school to be a chef club being in chef dream since I was a baby I was gonna be a chef and I started writing grants and I started loving it when you get the funding and you realize that you’re making a difference in these kids lives you’re able to build and services and programs that they wouldn’t otherwise yeah and it just pulled me out just pulled me out I was just like OK I’m good this is where I’m going so I stayed in Human Services stayed there and continued my path that brought me here now the interesting thing I started at school to be a chef I ended up getting into Human Services and really loved working working with people working with kids working with underserved kids and I loved raising money I just loved it I just saw it as most incredible things so Monica says that she met me in 2011 the reality is that this was a woman that I just admired and I would always try to get into her office to ask her for money shape gatekeepers she guys will learn about gatekeepers donkey getting hit pay you waited gatekeeper together you know oddly enough hurt gatekeeper with her CEO John O’Brien like he’d be like yeah now now gonna go through but I can’t I can’t get her on the gatekeeper really weird she’s that’s half an hour till she was but I had such a tremendous respect for her one I admired her because she was a woman of color like myself and she was one of the first women of color that I saw in a position like this I’ve never seen it before and she was truly just about the community about making a difference and it was because of her and her just being in this position as a fundraiser I was like I wanna become like her I want to be able to be in a position in which I can make decisions that can really make a difference and impact change so you didn’t know that did you sure so after a very long career in the fund raising I was the executive director at the American Heart Association which is how I got connected with John O’Brien and he was like he can’t touch Monica you can’t ask her for money and I want money now but so I I decided after my my tenure at the American Heart Association that I wanted to transition into but that’s not an easy thing to do not as any positions to transition it to become fun there are tons of positions to go into nonprofit funded Erica so it was like eventually that was my goal that was my next goal when I left the the American Heart Association was right during the 2009 when the market crashed fund raising was just struggling everyone kind of consolidated their resources so they did this thing is like well you know what Worcester was raising them over $3 million and they were like we don’t need it designated staff in Worcester which is one lesson that I’ll speak to a in a in little bit is that they they decided they were going to eliminate their whisper staff and I was like this is OK cool I’m gonna slow down maybe I don’t really have all these great aspirations they want to settle down and just focus on family and stuff and so I went to work at the YMCA and while I was a bit YMCA this is personal but I’ll share it ’cause you know stock profit we talked about everything then I I was I was at the YMCA and I was like OK this is really good it’s like a really calm position it’s just really comfortable it’s very you know 65 get inside and I was like this is good for me and then I ended up getting start having my second child 10 years after my first child and I was seven months pregnant and ballad health called me up and they were like Kim so we in this is how they do it’s really interesting they go you know so we have the position for the head of our foundation community relations can you think of anybody who want it and I said well now I can’t they will like can’t no I really can’t think of anyone because I was pregnant I was like Nope can’t think of anyone Sir give them the name somebody was like I don’t know anyone send me the information I’ll figure it out then they will let him know we actually want you to apply now they will like yeah I’m a woman like they were like yeah so what do you think and I was like OK so that was fine kind of like ah ha moment I was shocked beyond is that they wanted me but it was really the one thing that I had always wanted was to transition over to the farming side which was incredible so was there for a long time worked very closely with Monica on a lot of things in the community kind of shook them up in a sense right because one of the things that you never saw was that provider and the pair working together so this city do it out because I think Monica said that they always try to be ahead and set the trends we did that we did that we did that by in fact establishing the partnership on the community help assess it assessment on the community health improvement plan we became a three legged stool our third leg is not here which she spoke about which was Karen Clark who was the head of the division of water division of public health but it was that was so unique for this city and we did that together we came together and decided that we were going to address the the needs of this community together in formal collaboration that had not been formed before and I think that basis that foundation set the tone for others to follow for others to understand really the benefit of coming together and working together because no organization is identifying strengths identify what makes you can meet but you also have doing knowledge with does it and actually have to partner with somebody who has what you need to be able to fully support those years serving so it’s important no today in the middle of the pandemic 2 months after the onset of the pandemic they Hanover Insurance called me and said we want you to come work for us I thought I’d never worked in for the first for profit corporation I’ve ever worked for in my life I never thought I’d be in for profit but I am luckily they had a little foundation in an industry workforce they do work for the company but I got to be president of their foundation which is pretty awesome so that’s where I am now you’ll see that invite little bio what is the things that is interesting is that even in this role right I do not just sticking it office give money away they actually meet every single nonprofit that works to not reach out to us again support ever meeting people who never started one or wanna start once I meet with them I meet people who are for profit nonprofit everyone I meet everybody it’s everywhere but not only that I serve there’s no way that I can determine the needs of my community and understand what what how to support them if I’m not in the community with them so I really make it a point to serve on boards to serve on committees crazily I think Monica spoke a little bit about mental health and I’m eating the mental health task force for the mayor in the city don’t know why I don’t know they think I have mental health issues because servant way committee board but Asian cafe cleaning that yes yeah I also lead the whistle women leadership conference I sit on the greater Worcester Community Foundation board I sit on which State University foundation board I could continue on the list goes on I get the file but I do but because I think it’s critically important that if you’re making decisions about funding for a communities that you really understand so I think it’s important Sir I can’t do it alone so aside from my incredible community I have an amazing team for small team this is my team that’s so well you guys can see that’s me math Megan our interns which by the way they’re incredible opportunities for internships at the Hanover gate yeah if you want to learn more about that please call us and Cara with the baseball hat and Chrissy those that’s my team and we are very much so connected in vacation sure that we really have impact here in the western interestingly enough cover the entire this on the floor covers the entire country if we have offices across the country a little bit about what we focus on we have our foundation given and we have our employee engagement and community impact that’s really important what we focus on OK as an organization as a witch which I had to learn about right because we have said Michael background was not properly I had to kind of understand the corporate side well I get I can’t do it yeah that’s OK I boosted everything thanks old age so take you to the next slide one of our focus is the way we shape our mission I have to shape our mission social change so Monica spoke a little bit about what was important to them is that they look at the social determinants of health we do as well this was very unique and new for us in our foundation and I think that’s what really about your leadership and what you bring to the table which will inform what your organization does it brought me to the 18% wanted me to make sure that they can think differently and I did that by bringing my knowledge and understanding as we going to invest in the community we’re gonna understand this community I wanna keep part with corporate structures that they focus on social change social impact sure many of you guys are very familiar with it’s really important you have to understand how they truly trying to affect humanity in a positive way So what we did was we I came in they had a single focus got them to start thinking differently about how they were going to make a difference as that with their foundation and with their corporate dollars I oversee the foundation dollars and all of the corporate giving dollars I have two masks budgets don’t look like that migraine my company is really generous and really truly likes make a difference and make community but I have two different budgets that I I pulled from one corporate which is really around sponsorship in the other one which is France now I leaned more towards grants because it truly believed that grants are more impactful a lot of people come to us asking for sponsorship lots and lots of sponsorship they don’t really see as much value I understand that there is value in what I like about going to events is exposing people to the organizations through events like definitely supportive of sending people there not just mean any people who want people who are going to invest people who are going to volunteer with both we’re going to fill seats and give my so that’s what I look for and that’s what the way I like participate in events in corporate sponsorship that I love grants because grants actually tell a story grants helped support where our dollars go and what we’ve done with that it tells the story she has the data it shows us the impact I would much rather give away money to make sure that we’re investing in program than investing in part I will send people to a party I will put dollars in program that is going to make a difference and have the impact so this is the way we think a little bit so our approach which I don’t know if you guys have this slide will send it to you these also just spoke with the slides so how do we approach it we really so so so like I said in that I don’t think I bounced around a bit and you probably didn’t get the final piece of that is that when I came into the handover they had a single folks focused this education they brought me into very rethink that in to really expand our impact and think differently about how we funded where our funds go so we did that what we did was we went through an entire process of really understanding what the community needs were and couldn’t just think locally although locally did inform it because our corporate offices here in wister it informed our a lot of our decisions were informed by what was happening here in this city but we knew that the information that we were able to gather would certainly inform and have an impact in any other any of the other communities that we were in so we knew that it would actually translate So what we focus on is making sure that we were able to access and understand what the needs were that we had planned that we had we were prepared to act that we could evaluate the need in the responses in that organizations if we were going to invest in them that they would be sustained and this is important as many of you are starting to talk about we are not prophets and what you’re thinking about your establishing them is that you know you have to think beyond the initial one thing that you get from someone like Monica is pilot continue to get those fonts how do I continue to make a difference and list spoke to the fact that there are different kinds of fibers they’re fighters like Monica and I would say we wanna be we wanna see we wanna be able to experience and we wanna be able to be a part of it we wanna be able to support it and then there are funders who say we’ll give you money who might even give it to you a couple of years in a row but our relationship and so you have to think about that you have to make sure that you have just a a variety of funders so that you can continue to sustain your your programs different sources of income that are coming in many of the nonprofits rely very heavily on government funding governments are ships you’ll see that more so now than ever the nonprofits are actually doing much better right now with government because of the cares act because the money that has been accused into into our states into our country that money will end miss Monica spoke about housing in the fact that the city focused on housing Monica and her team were very much so part of it there was this program back in two in 2008 2009 they focused on homeless making they launched this whole program called housing first all of the homeless community house and so that we could end homelessness in the city guess what something successfully ending homelessness in the city in 2011 there was not a single homeless person in the city of western in 2011 they had all this port all these resources all this funds and they solve the problem Well the problem is that there’s more people that ended up becoming homeless and book all the funds and services was on these programs once you start them you have to sustain sustainability is is key in funding is not sustainable one single funding source you have to have a variety of different funding sources we follow the cat to be shifting so looking at opportunities to get more funding that we just talked about we shortly arrived never put your eggs in one basket devastating and I have seen that happen over and over again yeah over and over again over and over again so I’m not gonna go through all of this so they know that you guys want time to be on your project so I’m just gonna quickly that you guys learned a little bit about the social determinants of health which is what we focus on we identify them from the hanover’s perspective is what it takes for our community to drop so from monica’s perspective from health care providers perspective this is the way that this is the way that it’s going to affect health outcomes as a whole is to positively impact health outcomes from our perspective taking that same dollars that same information this is what is needed for a community to thrive for individuals describe the social determinants of health if you address these people will cry so this is what we did around shaping articles I’ll let you guys go through this on your own so this is kind of the path to shaping our goals which we took many different factors around this we go to the next line the questions that we asked our community we asked our peers we asked the individuals within our organization really kind of focus groups that understand what was going on and how we kind of come up with solutions we looked at our organizations existing strengths and then we looked at the opportunities in which we really expand our reach and do better be better and then we came up with a new modernized mission for this for the now like I said our focus was education so Claire’s education it was just education there was not much more beyond that that’s how they define it I remember getting their field nation I was like I don’t really know our foundation mission I just know we focus on education which is not a good thing to say is we think about presented did the organization have seeking funds and have a clear state you don’t know what to ask you don’t know I mean kind of wasting your time because it could be almost anything it could be so wrong that it’s almost impossible to hone it So what we sought to do is to really hone it and this is pretty clear pretty but you can see exactly what we focus on we focus on underserved and underrepresented and the difference makers who support that and that was key in defining what our mission is that you can’t just invest in the youth themselves you have to invest in those wrapped the services around that help sustain and support them so towards their success and then we identified all some of the keys that would be would help us to be able to support them to help them get on that path bone maps that social determinant meal to help them fry so we knew that education was important and not just the traditional books we’re going to support the worst public schools we’re going to support the educational institutions but we actually looked outside of the schools instead a lot of support is where it’s missing is when they walk outside of those school board support for African services this statement absolutely defined education and the resources we focused on on health so we were focusing on food insecurity we were focusing on housing stability because wister actually is the 5th largest in the entire country for homeless kids living at homeless kids in was in a public school system fit in the country western scary is very specific and I’m just trying to check significant amount of families that we call couch surfing so the care will bill maybe the school at the beginning of the school year come and if we don’t get it through all their services during that initial time we may come back saying in January and they’ll be gone till we got to date there’s a lot of culture thing going through living with their grandmother orbient they get there they’re able to stabilize one month here with the uncle but then they need to move on so yeah absolutely right it’s very yeah it’s it’s it’s the numbers that’s it just really in effect it that probably weighs on me that artist that we have children and families who don’t have a place to to lay their head we have children and families who are going to bed hungry at night with children and families kids who wake up in the morning and do not want to go to school because they don’t have clean clothes to put on I mean like the barriers that exists and and in wister and in many communities are things that we wanted to be able to help support and address because we felt like it critically important the other piece is the workplace and now work most about me is if we’re gonna help build that initial foundation we also need to provide jobs for them and we need to provide pathways for them so that they can actually achieve incredible things so I mean one of the things that I’ve seen is this where large numbers of people gone to school and you know they walk out of school and don’t get no jobs and they can’t get jobs he said on the network I have a network to get until you know I don’t know anyone so I fly I fly multiple times and I couldn’t get it that’s what my focus is is that we will create that network so that there are pathways so that you can get it to companies companies like UMass and get into these top employers and we can actually find a way and succeed and then because I work for an insurance company I don’t know if I told you guys to work for an insurance company so we insure homes and cars and boats and gas but we we ensure people so I had to focus on safety too ’cause they had to make sure that my board was like OK we brought it home focusing on everything I was like yeah pandemic right that’s important safety so I brought it fully this is kind of what aligns us there’s some things that were key for us these are the applications so you can look at them those of you who are in the process of kind of figuring out what you’re gonna do you wanna click on those and there’s a it will you’ll be able to access codes so you can see what it looks like this is our process this is how we kind of what informs our wrapping program and this is our evaluation which I think is important to look at this because you have to understand what funders are thinking when they get a ton of requests on the table how do they make evaluations to determine who they’re gonna find you separated if I’m stuck hold these are the way we think the way we determine if we’re going to find they tell you one of the most important things that I look at is that I see them coming together and working with other people in the community you are not at the table do not come sit at my table it was at my table if you are not the best the team you can’t just come to my table because you need money you need to see you at the table all the time and this can be tested at we did this incredible thing on the wister together when we all came together and worked together when this pandemic a lot of people yeah or a lot of people not at the table and what they started to see was their resources were going into the community and then they like clicked you have to be at the table if you’re not at the table you’re gonna miss out on opportunities as funders whether they are as activists Monica high or not they wanna know the correctly table so this is our sponsorship and what that looks like will bypass this impact just to give you guys a little taste of what we do so saw my whole process of what we do to kind of determine what our fund what our funding strategy looks like what our mission is and then what does it look like in action this is it in action this is what we did This Is Us going into the community from key to what we do is making sure that it’s not just us I talk to you guys about events I like to make sure that people are there I’ve got over 2000 people in western 2000 people who are employed as a handler at all different levels when we want them to be a part of the community want them to engage they’re bored betters your future board members you guys gonna be stablishing nonprofit you need board members getting that level of leadership to help support you and support you in your mission I will be stopping at the end stop being massive that that worksheet have those individuals translators to help support your ideas in your concept but these are just highlights of the things that we do we did we do scholarships in the community and at the end we do partnership this is when we did a vaccine clinic for our community so what was happening is it wasn’t more specific areas the city where the vaccine was being distributed Monica roll who mass killing let that I I think I call Monica and Saint Monica mcclung needs a vaccine please help me they I mean they were everywhere they were but it will be masked really light up they were still some gaps in areas in the community that needed it brought directly into their community effort around that we have funded sport but we also want additional posted it at our organization a back to school program stage sharing programs work in Howell programs you can see that we can do almost everything which is pretty exciting that’s what our employees really appreciate you can go right through I don’t know if we can show the video but this is my favorite video going on oh good so I want you guys to see this video because this video make that our campaign for our employees ’cause our employees are important and I’ll tell you what this video did so you play the video and then I’ll tell you what it did is it not working no you can’t it will you just have to I think you have to right click it play here he said trump trump 8 I’m not technical I do yeah is present play perfect

$1,000,000 from our employees to support nonprofits throughout the city and beyond so it’s like telling the story connecting to the story and understanding truly where the impact is that’s the way we were able to do it today it it went through this is goes into more just how we volunteer how we make a difference last through it we’re gonna zation’s that we supported and what our giving looks like so right you can go down one more so this is some of our grants in the awards you can see that we’ve done 100,000 plus and then all the way down to $5000 grants OK and then just feedback from the different organizations which really helps us to be able to you know understand where when I present to our board the impact in why we should should support these specific organizations it’s that feedback that really helps me to tell that story and I can tell you one of the things that they acquire the folks that I actually know when I am able to talk about these organizations and really tell this story that it doesn’t does it sound surface and fake you know as if I’m telling somebody else’s story but it feels really more authentic and Jenny really truly know the organization thing is talking so this is just gives you a lot of where our funding is gone there’s one that they just love you put out what incredible program go ahead go down one more and this one Oh my God see that beautiful face right there that that beautiful girl right there don’t pack up right there yeah so it’s also in the blood which I just love and adore that’s my niece I caught daughter who’s on a billboard down in Kelly square but she is also was on Worcester News for doing the vaccine thing so I just love that I love showing her Johnson but I love I love sharing her on my my breast stations because didn’t know that we were funding their program but it was nice that we weren’t able to fund that program because it was critically important for the city so this will just take you through all of our commitments in the community which I think it’s important to kind of understand that if you’re asking a nonprofit for money should know what that nonprofit support you shouldn’t go blind and random really understand where their money goes also some other programs that were established along the way we have our matching gift programs that’s why it’s important to get to know our employees is that they have their money and then they’re able to tap into corporate dollars to to to double their money and then we have to also specialized matching gift programs we develop the Andover cares program which was around social justice at the time when it was needed and we continued the program we did one around COVID and took the key elements of that embedded that in a program moving forward because it is certainly something that is going to sustain and stay with us so just to get I just wanted to get you guys that full overview and I realized that I went through I had a lot I did not plan properly for this so that’s it question do you guys can look at them later and this has our information so if you guys have questions we wanna follow up and ask those questions please don’t hesitate to do so do questions now please suggest they ask but usually most questions come up afterwards look at the slides look at the information that we provided and as you guys start let’s think about the germs what you’re going to put together for your final projects or whatever you’re doing so so they have spring training next week and then find the return and they sent their group project which is presenting a created nonprofit that they have cells that is awesome everything logic technician to vision to work compilation to programming I cannot wait to see it and they’ve been working on it every Monday plus they need Oh yeah I think that is awesome yeah so alright so that’s thank


And then everyone qualified and if it happens you should be able to you should be able to call on your board your executive leadership and if you’re small you might not have as much of an executive leadership that you’re bored you just wanna make sure that your board is made up of people who can truly inform you and that appointed you a powerful and that you are going to hold them accountable so you’re gonna look for a certain set of qualities and characteristics that they can bring to really help inform you so legal HR human resources you’re going to want to make sure that you have that level of representation your communications marketing everything so that you can make sure that you ask the guidance and professionals who can really make sure that you are prepared to respond we experience that we start with an organization unamed and yes it very recently it was an organization I funded and we found out something after the fact and that if we didn’t turn our backs on them we really actually said we need to go back to your foundation meaning the core who you are sit down with your board and come up with something you should have done before hand but now you need to do that need to get everything in order so that you can respond it and then just self through this so I think one of the toughest decisions if you’re a CEO or that you have to make with your board is organization over an individual and sometimes that’s really hard ’cause we’re all about helping each other right helping our individuals but if you don’t have an organization because you’ve allowed individual for example a person we’re talking about who may have been charged with sexual assault you’re jeopardizing for me all the kids 8000 kids we serve a year for that one person does that mean that person deserves to be judged judge no absolutely not I have to tell you when I do Cory checks and we also do fingerprinting now and everything and something comes up I call that person I asked him to come in to meet with him we go over the quarry check together why because they deserve respect why because often they have made some changes unfortunately there’s some risk that the boys and girls go with other user agencies can’t that doesn’t mean that I might not suggest that they were at another place that I heard were hiring in that they because they do not serve youth and because they only would need someone to work in the morning when they do not have clients there but then won’t be a good fit for them to have that opportunity but out of respect for them I meet with them it is sometimes the hardest conversation I’ve had that day but they deserve that and I will tell you recently one person scoring was incorrect and we were able to reach out to this person’s former probation officer he concurred he went up the computer to fix it ’cause he admitted it was a tear on his part and we were able to hire this person so it’s also important to do that ’cause we can have it I have to tell you in my yeah five years doing this work that’s only happened once but it did happen and it was I don’t know we were so excited when it turned out that it was incorrect and they ripped the fix it so you know but it’s for organization because that’s what’s in the best interest of your mission for me it’s in the best interest of the children we serve the organization will run individual if you have to you have to because that’s what’s in the best does it feel good sometimes no we have to do is right in planting like this that’s not organized or would you give a lot of stories like that so seem like you talking to me or no no no just not getting a background check I’m not gonna call the police please are you aware of it if I think something happened at my site I immediately report it to DCF I contact my deputy chief and Megan I report on us and then they’ll decide whether something happens that makes sense they’re all mandated reporters and everything makes whatever hide it for sure but regarding a background check which said we wouldn’t call the police ’cause the police is already rare of that but if we started but if an incident occurred in that we were concerned that we suspected that something then we would automatically say yes and then my program side you are applying to report against ourselves as an organization if we believed in incident occurred within our organization while we were supervising youth often by doing that they will investigate and then screen it out because they saw that you would meet with what you found out what happened addressed it Yep OK I’ll give you an example few years ago a young man from a new serving agency for kids young people who are not quite ready to go to college they have opportunities to work at other nonprofits this young man came we knew after interviewing him that he may have some challenges we wanted to give him the opportunity unfortunately he gave a vague pad to one of our kids we found out in neatly we immediately called his agency his basement agency we immediately reported the incident to DCF to which they said he really didn’t need every report I go no I went on record that we knew this happened it happened while we were there and you know but my point is it’s better just to be completely transparent and over report then to unreported our job is not to investigate that’s DCF and that’s the police and the DM our job is though to report and it means report on yourself sometimes we’ve never had an issue we’ve never been screened in because we as soon as we feel like there’s something is not quite right we immediately report it that’s the way to do it advice not because things like did you see Parts destiny much more of that so I think maybe we’re going to be doing ethics in a couple of weeks we can talk a little more about that but also in the state of Massachusetts there’s crimes that you can look at that would prohibit them from working at certain agencies so you would go by that Willis and girls covered in America along with all of the 4002 other clubs have come up with a list of crimes that we would not any type of sexual assault any assault and battery that’s recent drug charges we believe that it’s happened five years or less and they’ve gone through rehab and and everything we do give them a chance for that anything that’s violent we automatically to say no we cannot hire them for boys and girls but so that would be something we would work with your board you’re creating one we also need to look at statewide federal government law I’m happy to share with it it’s a little bit more more of a process and really deep than just like a Q&A does that make sense what else anyone on my Zumba coffee yeah So what I would like to know is you know for nonprofits yeah like mostly funding is very competitive right so how do you do strike the the balance like between collaborating with you know nonprofits and also like trying to secure in front because mostly I mean for in my context sometimes you collaborate with a number of it and they are trying to like you know go behind your back and you know talk to the founders that you have secured for yourself so how do you manage that situation so are you so we’re not competing for fun so the so we’re the ones doing the funding so we’re not soliciting funds I would direct that more towards a list there’s certainly certainly it is competitive there’s no question it’s competitive most everyone has the same exact pipeline you should never partner with warm isation if you haven’t already built trust with you should never go into that type of fiduciary type of responsibility without knowing them the one time I did that but it’s the same situation Kim was talking about yeah so I allowed my heart to make a decision that my mind should be more involved with ’cause I felt badly for the situation this organization was in yeah I think it’s always important that when you start to do formal collaboration when there’s gonna be money involved is that you really get something like an Emily that you come up with that you get actually a document signed by you are both organizations that are very clear when it comes to money what that means when it comes to a division of responsibilities when it comes to what that collaboration looks like there it is really important that you don’t just do it on a handshake and a smile but you actually do it by really putting I really hard scoping out what your partnership is it also helps you to secure those funds it also something that you guys should be thinking about at the time when you’re just developing these partnerships is I spoke about earlier is that each that you know boys and Girls Club covers 8000 kids in the main South area and girls ain’t covers blank blank area and YMCA has some crossover in the community is this business there’s it’s it’s about also understanding your strengths and what you do and what makes your organization unique and why you need to partner with that organization that really helps me what you do better what helps make it a better resource for the community or really helps it to have greater impact it needs to be meaningful and you want even if you don’t have the same mission which is fine it needs to fit your mission and we did have a mlu with this one organization but again lesson learned I would tell people I think I told you all this I make mistakes and no one else will have to that I’m very creative I never make the same mistake I would fix them but you know I think we do need somebody take a risk it needs to be measured loudly because we hold each other accountable we were able to address it as soon as we found it was an issue so it didn’t even become more explosive but um do you take a risk when you when you collaborate but in my opinion it’s always almost always worth it because what you’re able to do you cannot be all things to all people so when you team up with another nonprofit that made for example regional environmental council and together we eat makes a lot of sense for us to team up with them we’re not through that we want to be about food that we want to support food that’s not where we’re experts in teaming up with them makes our programs with our kids stronger that makes sense but we also got into know them so we didn’t necessarily go big with them in the beginning or did they go be with us in the beginning we got to know each other we wanna feel comfortable with whoever you’re teaming up with it’s really important and I think sometimes when you allow your heart to make a decision although you know certainly we thought we would be there that’s when the collaboration I believe Margarita make sure you’re serving stronger but it is a lot of work and their actual times partners who doctrine as much as others but typically a balance is then you definitely want to have the conversation about money yes because I think you know we’ve seen organizations collaborate and ask for the same money for the same project at the same time they’re not distinguishing you have to you have to be able to distinguish you know I’m doing one ask for the whole which a lot of the partnerships that form that kind of relationship and understanding how those resources are going to be divided and they wanna ask versus each individual organization making the same as so it’s important it’s just have those conversations specially when it comes to funny in the ’cause it would get so I think the worst is when you get to the exact same ask right how do you make that determination from the funder it’s using

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