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Paper Title: Immigration is necessary for the development of the US economy.

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Paper Style: MLA Paper Type: Persuasive/Argumentative

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Feedback Areas: Focus/Thesis Statement, Topic Development

Paper Goals: Select your own topic. Remember that your thesis statement must

be debatable, and you must take a stand for or against an action or

an idea. Use Thesis Statement Template to help you write and revise

your thesis statement. In your thesis statement, use one of the

emphatic words: could(not), ought

Review Summary:

Hello Chukwuemeka

My name is Greg, and I reviewed your assignment. Thank you for submitting your paper. I enjoyed

reading your persuasive essay about your views of legal immigration.


You are off to a great start with this paper because you have the makings of a clear thesis. You write in

clear sentences and your paragraphs are well balanced. Nice job on the effort you have put into this

writing piece so far. Your hard work is paying off!


A persuasive/argumentative paper should convince your reader to believe or agree with a specific idea.

Formulate your argument in a thesis statement that lists the points you are going to cover. This should

lead your reader through your paper to the conclusion that your argument is correct.

The thesis of a persuasive paper should include an argument that:

* Takes a stand or chooses a side

* Makes a claim of fact or definition that is debatable

* Uses verbs such as “should” or “must”

* Some people must object to the idea presented

* More than one possible solution should exist

Consider this template for your thesis: Immigration should/must ____, because of ___, ___ and ___. Each

point then forms a paragraph of the paper. (You can also add more points to your thesis, but be sure to

list them from least to most important.)

Also, be careful not to denigrate the opposing view. Your paper should acknowledge the validity of their

argument while arguing that yours is still be better choice. Be careful that you don’t alienate the very

audience that you are trying to persuade to agree with you!

Finally, rather than begin each body paragraph with similar wording, I suggest you develop transitions.

A transition helps move your audience’s attention from what you just discussed to what you will be

discussing. It is especially helpful when moving from one thesis point to the next. You can use

transitional words, such as “also,” “additionally,” “furthermore,” and “finally,” or transitional phrases

such as “another reason why.”

The first instances of repeated issues are pointed out, and suggestions for corrections to be made are

given where possible. Keep in mind that I have marked issues only once, so you can use my suggestions

to help you spot recurring issues throughout the remainder of your paper. Please use your writing

resources as well as the given suggestions for corrections to help make revisions and improve your

writing. You can also return to the Paper Center for additional reviews of your work. Keep up the good

work, and thanks for using NetTutor!

Stay focused!

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Reviewed Paper: ntp1345643 – Wed Nov 10 20:43:16 EST 2021

Add a preposition: To.

Prepositions indicate direction.

Your thesis must include a

debatable argument. A good

argumentative thesis uses

emphatic wording such as

should or must. This thesis

seems more informational

than persuasive.

Try not to call those who

hold an opposing view liars.

Keep in mind the purpose is

to persuade those who hold

opposing views to agree

with you, rather than

alienate them.

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Reviewed Paper: ntp1345643 – Wed Nov 10 20:43:16 EST 2021

You must cite your source for

this research.

You can use transitional

wording to indicate you have

moved into a new discussion

area of your paper. Also,

consider using immigration

(the system) rather than

immigrants (the people).

The term Native American refers

to those groups indigenous to

the North American continent.

You can simply use native-born


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Reviewed Paper: ntp1345643 – Wed Nov 10 20:43:16 EST 2021

All statistics must be cited.

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Reviewed Paper: ntp1345643 – Wed Nov 10 20:43:16 EST 2021

Finally, keep in mind your

conclusion should not present

any new information. This idea

can be presented in the paper.

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Reviewed Paper: ntp1345643 – Wed Nov 10 20:43:16 EST 2021

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Mbionwu 2

Mbionwu Chukwuemeka. f

Dr. Watson Khalilah

English 102- OH ME


Immigration is necessary for the development of the US economy.

Immigrants are people who have moved and resided in the US. These people have their countries of origin elsewhere other than the US. Immigrants and immigration are essential for the country, the economy, and the community in general. Over the recent years, there have been efforts to cut or stop legal immigrants from the US, especially during the pandemic. These efforts hurt the American economy and led to the separation of American families, issues in public health, and damaged the recovery efforts of jumpstarting the economy when the country decided to reopen. According to research, immigrants are vital in creating new ventures; fueling innovation and innovative ideas provide an essential workforce and strengthen the communities by providing livelihood at the middle-class social level. More so, American values regard families as an essential aspect of people’s lives; therefore, family-based immigration brings families together, hence reinforcing these values.

Many people argue that immigrants drain the American economy, hence reducing their numbers to make the economy stronger. That is a lie; America needs immigrants if it requires to remain competitive in the global realm. For instance, in 2016, research findings indicated that immigrants contributed to up to $2 trillion to the total US GDP, while in 2018, immigrants contributed up to $46 billion to overall taxes. Immigrants contribute heavily to the American economy through their spending power and purchase of goods and services (Sherman et al.). It would be devastating to reduce or impose policies to cut off immigration because the GDP would likely decrease, growth will shrink, and job opportunities will also reduce. More so, research indicates that Rust Belt states rely so much on immigrants in stabilizing their populations and economies; therefore, immigrants are a paramount component in the American economy.

Immigrants provide a workforce to the American economy. Opponents of immigrants argue that immigrants hurt American workers because they take more of the job, reducing wages. The fact is that most immigrants are entrepreneurial. They come to America and launch so many companies more than Native Americans. These companies create many job opportunities, increasing job opportunities for all Americans, boosting wages, and providing a livelihood to middle-class American individuals. The US economy is reopening after the pandemic; many job creators are trying their best to boost recovery in American communities (Sherman et al.). According to research findings, immigrants complement American workers because of their unique skills and educational backgrounds. The US economy is dynamic. When one person gets a job, it creates an opportunity for another one and does not rob them of their opportunities, the more people in the workforce, the more productivity the country becomes (Bellovary et al. 150). Immigrants are known for filling most labor needs in the US workforce. They also purchase goods and services in America, as well as pay taxes. Today, there is an increasing rate of people retiring in America; thus, immigrants will play a vital role in filling the vacuum created by those retiring.

Moreover, immigrants hold jobs in the economy and communities because most of them do not require a college degree that is always the primary rule in the ‘public charge’ rule. Firms and industries will have a tough time finding a workforce if immigrants would not be in America. According to 2018 statistics, immigrants with less than a 4-year college degree made up 10% of all people in America and 11% of US workers (Aobdia et al.). More than 35% of the workforce in farms, fisheries, and forest fields are immigrants without college degrees. Cleaners, maintenance, hotel workers, and home healthcare givers are mostly immigrants. Therefore, they play a vital role in filling up the opportunities that do not require higher education. If they were not around, it would be hard for such jobs to get workforces because most Americans hold more than a 4-year college degree and would not accept working in such job positions. This implies that employer demand for people or workforce with low skills is in high demand in American industries; therefore, immigrants will always be handy in such aspects hence greatly contributing to the economy’s growth.

Immigrants increase the American population. There is a myth that America does not need immigrants to gain a higher population rate. The fact is that according to research findings, between 2010 and 2020, there was very low population growth in America as compared to other years. Few children have been born during this period because of the decreased rates of immigration. That implies that in the future, immigration will play a vital role in increasing the American population and maintaining the senior working-age ratio that plays a great role in growing the country’s economy. According to research findings by FWD. thus, America has a task to double its population if it wishes to stay competitive in the economic chat and strengthen its social security. Projections imply that immigration is the primary reason for higher growth rates in America.

In conclusion, immigration is necessary for the US because it plays a vital role in economic development. There are many facets that immigrants have been handy and essential contributors to the US economic growth. Immigrants own most industries and companies. The companies and industries greatly contribute to the provision of employment opportunities to Americans. Most immigrants provide a great workforce in industries and companies that require people with low skills or lower levels of education. Immigrants also fill up the gaps of retirees and provide upward mobility in America. Therefore, there are a lot of contributions that immigrants make towards the growth and development of the American economy.

Works Cited

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Sherman, Arloc, et al. Immigrants Contribute Greatly to the US Economy, despite the Administration’s ZPublic Chargey Rule Rationale. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities., 2019.

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