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This project would require the use of VMware.

Assignment Instructions

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Project 2: Windows Upgrade Proof Of Concept
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You have been selected by your supervisor to perform the upgrade to Windows 10 for the Tetra Shillings Accounting Group. You have been tasked to produce a proof-of-concept document that demonstrates your ability to install Windows 10 as well as providing an overview of configuring and securing Windows 10.

The recommended format is to provide screenshots within a written narrative. No sources are required for this phase of the project; however, the screenshots must be your own. Screenshots from external sources are not permitted.

Don’t forget to delete this text and the other instructional text in the template before submitting your work to the assignment folder.

Windows 10 Install Proof of Concept for Tetra Shillings Accounting LLC

Prepared by:

[insert your name]

[Describe the purpose of the document]

Part 1: Windows Installation
[Follow the instructions in the Proof-of-Concept Step-by-Step Instruction and insert your screenshots here.]

License acceptance screenshot

OS version screenshot

Disk configuration screenshot

Custom installation vs. upgrade installation

· Installing Windows setup screen screenshot

Region/keyboard screenshot

Host machine up and running screenshot (include annotated screenshot with date and time)

NOTE: Failure to include this screenshot will result in rejection of your assignment.

Part 2: Windows Configuration
[Follow the instructions in the Proof-of-Concept Step-by-Step Instruction and insert your screenshots here.]

Step 1: Computer name screenshot

Step 2: Desktop theme screenshot

Step 3: Local user account screenshot

Step 4: Local group account screenshot

Step 5: Add user to local group screenshot

Step 6: Local group policy screenshot

Step 7: Folder creation screenshot

Step 8: Folder permissions screenshot

Step 9: Firewall configuration screenshot

Part 3: Windows 10 Upgrade Project Risk Factors
From the list below, select the two most relevant/important issues to consider for this project and explain your reasoning. Then write a few paragraphs for each of your selected issues describing the associated risks and how they could be addressed.

· hardware

· licensing

· application compatibility

· upgrade vs. clean install

Sources / References

Windows Installation Instructions

Step-by-Step Installation and Configuration Instructions 

Follow the instructions below to install and configure Windows 10, taking screenshots to document your work as you go. Once you have completed these tasks, follow the instructions in the template to complete your report.

Part 1: Install Windows 10

Use any hypervisor to install Windows 10. Many hypervisors are available, including Oracle’s VirtualBox, an open-source (free) virtualization product. In addition, as part of UMGC’s agreement with VMware, you can download VMware Workstation for free. Ask your instructor for access to VMware.

Note: It is not necessary to include screenshots of installing the hypervisor software.

You can get an evaluation copy of Windows 10 here: 


Take these screenshots to include in your report:

· Accept license screenshot

· OS version screenshot

· Disk configuration screenshot

· Custom installation vs. upgrade installation

· Installing Windows setup screen screenshot

· Region/keyboard screenshot

· Host machine up and running screenshot (include annotated screenshot with date and time)

Part 2: Configuration

You must take screenshots of each of the following activities (more than one screenshot many be needed to demonstrate some of the commands). 

You should include a screenshot for each step in your proof-of-concept document. 

1. Change the name of the computer to yourfirstInitialLastName-PC (i.e., jsmith-PC)

2. Change the desktop theme and take a screenshot. Include the current date and time in the taskbar.

3. Use PowerShell to create a local user account called yourFirstInitialLastName (i.e., jsmith)

4. Use PowerShell to create a local group account called Tetraaccounting 

5. Use PowerShell to add the user created in Step 3 to the Tetra Shillings Accounting local group.

6. Use Local Group Policy to create a password policy. The policy should be based on best practices.

7. Create a folder called Tetra on the root of the C Drive. Assign the Tetra Shillings Accounting read/write access to the folder. 

8. Using the Tetra folder that you created in step 7, show that the members in the Tetra Shillings Accounting group have read/write permissions to the folder over the network. 

9. Configure Windows Firewall to block inbound ICMPv4. This may require research.

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