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Other Productions of Dutchman:

the UNCSA production: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOD_ISdDvJk&ab_channel=UNCSA

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Other 2 Productions of Dutchman:

After watching 3 videos of others’ productions of Dutchman. Given the opportunity to produce a version of Dutchman yourself, like the drama students had in the UNCSA production(There is a link I put it in the description) what are some things you would do? To help with this process, I’ve set up two questions for you to answer that refer to the videos you just watched and ask what you would do differently.
If you had an opportunity to choose any kind of setting to produce Dutchman, where would you do it and why? You can name specific places including cities, specific buildings, streets, or any kind of interior setting you can imagine, such as a bus or a mall or a skatepark or whatever comes to mind.
Considering the variety of costumes you’ve seen the actors wear in the three clips, in your opinion which of the costumes felt right for the characters? Why do you think that costume struck you most? Is there anything you would do differently with their costumes?

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