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National Women’s Soccer League

Game Day Personnel

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NWSL Game Day Staff
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Answer Key

Director of Operations
Field Manager
Stadium Security
Field Security
Locker Room Security
Home Team Liaison
Visiting Team Liaison
Referee Liaison
Game Day Producer
Field Runners
Ball Kids
Medical Staff
Director of Media Relations
Press Box Supervisor
Press Box Security
PA Announcer
Statisticians/SpottersStatistics Crew
Stadium Clock Operator
Usher Manager
Field and Grandstand Security
Press Box Runner
Ticket Manager
Ticket Sellers
Ticket Takers

National  Women’s  Soccer  League   Game  Day  Personnel  

Instructions       Use  the  National  Women’s  Soccer  League  Operations  Manual  as  the  base  document   for  this  assignment.    Following  through  the  document  per  the  instructions  below,   identify  job  tasks  for  each  of  the  game  day  staff  positions  identified  on  the  answer   sheet  and  post  those  job  tasks  by  the  appropriate  position  which  is  responsible  for   the  task.    (Note:    some  tasks  can  be  listed  by  multiple  positions.)    After  you  have   placed  the  job  task  by  the  appropriate  position,  place  a  reference  number  after  the   job  task  noting  which  section/sub-­‐section  the  job  task  came  from  in  the  Operations   Manual.           SECTION  1:       Definitions    

Ignore  this  section  for  this  assignment,  except  to  use  it  to  better  understand  any   defined  terms  listed  herein.      

SECTION  2:       Competition    

Ignore  this  section  for  this  assignment.      

SECTION  3:       Stadium  &  Security    

Use  this  section  to  identify  job  tasks  for  security  positions.      

SECTION  4:       Field  Regulations    

Use  this  section  to  identify  job  tasks  for  security  positions.      

SECTION  5:       Locker  Rooms    

Use  this  section  to  identify  job  tasks  for  security  positions.      

SECTION  6:       Visiting  Team    

Use  this  section  to  identify  job  tasks  for  liaison  positions.      

SECTION  7:       Game  Day  Staff    

This  is  the  main  body  of  the  source  text  for  this  assignment.    Go  through  this  section   to  identify  the  game  day  staff  positions  included  in  this  section  and  identify  the  job   tasks  for  those  positions.    Cut  and  paste  those  job  tasks  to  the  appropriate  position   on  the  answer  sheet.      

SECTION  8:       Game  Officials    

Use  this  section  to  identify  job  tasks  for  liaison  positions,  field  communication  and   game  reporting  tasks.      

SECTION  9:       Game  Procedures    

Use  this  section  to  identify  job  tasks  for  ball  kids  positions,  game  clock  operations   and  DVD  distribution.      

SECTION  10:       Equipment  and  Apparel    

Ignore  this  section  for  this  assignment.      

SECTION  11:       Player  &  Staff  Discipline    

Ignore  this  section  for  this  assignment.      

SECTION  12:       Game  Delay,  Postponement  &  Cancellation    

Ignore  this  section  for  this  assignment.      

SECTION  13:       Emergency  Medical  &  Evacuation  Plans    

Ignore  this  section  for  this  assignment.      

SECTION  14:       Ticket  Sales  &  Reconciliation    

Ignore  this  section  for  this  assignment  as  it  refers  you  to  others  sections  for  job   tasks.      

SECTION  15:       Governance    

Ignore  this  section  for  this  assignment.      

SECTION  16:       Public  Relations  Guidelines    

Use  this  section  to  identify  job  tasks  for  press  box  positions.      

SECTION  17:       Marketing  Guidelines    

Ignore  this  section  for  this  assignment.      


There  are  NO  exhibits  in  our  copy  of  the  Operations  Manual.    Therefore,  ignore  any   references  to  the  information  contained  in  the  Exhibits.      

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