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Question 1 

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The Stolen Book. Betty tells Susan that Bob stole her business law book from her car. The next day Susan confronts Bob and slaps him for stealing her book. Bob has Susan arrested for slapping him. Susan sues Bob for damages in the amount of the book and for maliciously having her arrested. Claiming that she lied, Bob sues Betty for defamation. The lawsuit Susan has against Bob for damages for stealing her book involves which of the following? 

Criminal law
Civil law
Insider law
Both criminal and civil law
Administrative law

Question 2 

The term “stare decisis” means “reversing the decision.” 



Question 3 

Which of the following cases is referenced in the text as a use of stare decisis as binding precedent, in that it abolished discriminatory policies for individuals of different racial backgrounds

Curtisv. SchoolBoard

Laughlinv. Glover

Groverv. BreeBee

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