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Assignment 1B

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Tests of the Described Model

· Provide evidence from at least two experiments (other than from the author of the model) that provide evidence either for or against the model you described in Assignment 1A. The articles you choose for experimental evidence do not necessarily have to stipulate within the text that they test the model. You can extend the implications of the findings yourself to discuss how the data fit into the model.

· Although some articles have more than one experiment, each experiment you outline must be in a separate article. If one of the articles you choose has more than one experiment, you only have to select one to talk about in relation to the model of choice.

· Be specific! How exactly does the data support/fail to support the model?

· Do NOT use direct quotes from others.

· Do NOT use secondary sources. For example, your textbook outlines experiments from other authors. Citing your textbook when describing one of those experiments is an example of a secondary source. In fact, your textbook SHOULD NOT be used as a reference in this paper, but can be used to direct you to primary sources.

· You may wish to describe the methods the authors of the article used to test the model. Again, this will depend on the specific experiment you choose. You MUST explain how the data from that experiment act to test the model, and if the data support or fail to support the model. Examples of how experiments test models are given throughout the modules of the course.

· The length for Assignment 1B will be approximately four (4) typed, double-spaced pages.

Tips On How To Identify An Experiment Which Tests Your Model

· Use PsycARTICLES as opposed to PsycINFO, as all of the articles are available immediately online. See the Library Links page for useful links and instructions on how to access the databases.

· To begin your literature search in PsycARTICLES, start with your general search term (e.g., the name of the model you chose).

· Some articles are more clearly a test of the model than others. For example, an article entitled “A Test of the GO Model” would clearly be a good article to choose if you are describing the GO Model. Other tests of the model will only be evident by evaluating the methods used. Selecting an article that is less evident allows you to demonstrate critical thinking and application skills, which will be evaluated more generously. These types of articles can be found by searching either the process or the phenomenon that the model attempts to describe (e.g., short term memory, the missing letter effect, the attentional blink, etc.). Again, they will be a bit more difficult to locate as it will be up to you to use critical thinking skills to make inferences and generalize the results to the model you are describing. Examples of how this is done are given in Module 3.

See the Assignment Schedule for the due date. Submit using the Dropbox.

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