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Business and finance

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Business and finance

Q1. What, according to you, were the reasons for Salim’s disillusionment? Answer the question using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. (2.5 marks)

Some of the reasons which led to Salim’s disillusionment are that he had high expectations in the new company. He expected that he would be in a position to gain new skills. He wanted to work in an environment that motivates him to be creative and innovative. However, with the new boss in the new organization, he felt that there was nothing new that he could learn and that his career was heading nowhere, contrary to his expectations (Maslow & Press, 2019). According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the satisfaction of a lower-level need leads to the emergence of a higher-level need that needs to be satisfied. In this case, when Salim was leaving his previous organization expected but the new organization would offer greener pastures, opportunities to increase his skills and actualize in his career, all of which did not turn out as expected.

Q2. What should Salim do to resolve his situation? (1.25 marks)

To resolve the situation, Salim needs to find ways of motivating himself. He should guarantee that his motivation comes from within and should not rely on external elements for motivation. He should hold discussions with the new manager, express his grievances and concerns, and those of other employees and their ideologies hoping that the manager will develop a different point of view and employees team working.

Q3. What should a team leader do, to ensure high levels of motivation among his/her team members? (1.25 Marks)

For the Team leader to ensure high levels of motivation among the team members practical communication skills are essential. The team leader should embrace servant leadership strategies and democracy while listening to the grievances of the team members and putting their interests first. That should create an environment where the team members are encouraged to air their views (“Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,” 2020). The team mebers have to feel they are listened to and that their ideas are appreciated instead of the team leader forcefully imposing his will over the members. Finally, rewarding the excellence and success of the team members is critical to keep them motivated to offer their best.


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