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Video #5

Classical Dance

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1. What is being a classic imply?

2. What are the two form of theater discussed in this video? Where are they centered?

3. What differentiates the way ballet and kabuki were developed?

4. What are the similarities between ballet and kabuki?

5. How is kabuki described?

6. Why do people go to kabuki?

7. What transforms the kabuki theater?

8. What is kabuki ideal for?

9. How does ballet evolve and what does it convey to its audience?

10. The fairies bestow gifts on the baby Aurora. What are the gifts of the yellow and pink fairies?

11. What does Oleg Vinogradov suggest that parents do?

12. Which of the fairies was not invited to the christening of Aurora? What does she personify?

13. What are the bases of selection for Kirov Ballet School?

14. What elements are the building blocks of ballet?

15. Classify the period in which kabuki developed.

16. According to kabuki, what was the socially acceptable way of solving a couple’s insurmountable problem?

17. How does one become a kabuki actor?

18. How is kabuki actors trained?

19. What are Larissa Lezhnina’s impressions about working in ballet?

20. Around what age do ballet dancers careers end?

21. How does this differ from kabuki?

22. What is one of the strongest traditions in kabuki?

23. How does movement in ballet and kabuki differ?

24. What is truth in theater?

25. What does kabuki and ballet reflect in their stories?

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