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Question 1 of 25

According to figure 6.10, pg. 297, which of the following countries does not contain a portion of the Amazon Basin cultural region?

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A. Argentina

B. Venezuela

C. Columbia

D. Brazil

Question 2 of 25

The Tordesillas line was drawn to separate the colonial territories of what two European nations?

A. Spain and Portugal

B. France and Britain

C. Spain and France

D. the Netherlands and France

Question 3 of 25

Which of the following statements about Quebec is false?

A. Separatist movements in Quebec are more than a half-century old.

B. French is the only official language of Quebec.

C. About 80% of people who live in Quebec speak French as their first language.

D. The Cree in the Northern Quebec have launched their own movement aimed at independence from Canada.

Question 4 of 25

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