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SOSC 1520 9.0 Markets & Democracy

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Assignment 6


(i) Yascha Mounk (2018). “America is not a democracy”. The Atlantic, March issue.

(ii) Zephyr Teachout (2015). “Even corporate America wants campaign finance reform to stop crony capitalism”. The Guardian, 21st October.

Weight: 5% of course grade

Due date: Friday, 5th November

The usual “instructions to students” from previous assignments apply to this one, too.

1) What are the two main themes in Mounk’s article? (2 marks) (Word limit: 50)

2) Why does representative democracy give elected politicians a large degree of discretion in their decision-making powers? (1 mark) (Word limit: 50)

3) Name one advantage and one disadvantage of allowing unelected experts or technocrats a role in political decision making. (1 mark) (Word limit: 50)

4) Using the material in Zephyr Teachout’s article, explain why representatives of the capitalist corporate world are concerned about the sustainability of capitalism. (1 mark) (Word limit: 50)

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