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Discussion Response

Substantive response, further the conversation, and ask a question for a response

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APA format

Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed reference

175-265 words

Respond to the following peer who responded to DQ:

Melissa Harris 

I agree the two outcomes you have highlighted are indeed important as well. I think being able to engage in a reflexive analysis forces you to consider if the shoe was on the other foot. This definitely would require and elevated level of emotional intelligence. This goes hand in hand with being aware and knowing how to respond. Nothing is worst than engaging a patient and the patient feels like they are not being heard or just being pitied. When that happens that doctor-patient relationship is irreparable and definitely exemplifies a lack of professionalism. 

Emotional intelligence is a controllable situation that could become a positive outcome. I mean this happen on a daily basis rather you are ready for it or not especially in healthcare since you are burned out from long hours. We don’t want to take anything out on the patient or their families so it has to be handle before hand. Working in the medical industry it is called patience. We have to learn to be patient because, everyone have different emotions and different feelings especially if you are the patient. 

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