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Re: Topic 5 DQ 2

For a researcher to conduct content analysis they would first have to examine the data, or in this case, examine some of the more popular commercial movies during that time frame using theoretical sampling. The researcher would create categories or coding units, for example, to determine violence one category might be anytime they showed explosives, another might be when the movie displays guns. They would conduct qualitative content analysis by qualitative codes “(words that represent larger themes or ideas) to particular points on a visual image.” (Gordon, 2019. Pg. 192) The researcher would then tally the number of times a particular category was observed.

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Re: Topic 5 DQ 2

Hello class,

The investigation on how commercial movies causes violence between 2000 to 2015. The study will concentrate on how students interact with one another through verbal discussions. It will consider quantitative analysis that demonstrates the number of insult-related cases in schools (Hsieh & Shannon, 2005). The school magazines under the discipline section will offer exact figures of the cases reported. The speeches from teachers will highlight the common insulting words uttered by learners (Gordon, 2019). The photographs taken at the school environment will reveal students doing punishment due to being disrespectful to others. The school performance records will demonstrate students’ academic scores who often engage in violence in learning institutions. The school web pages will reveal the number of indiscipline learners and how parents and teachers should work together to instill excellent moral behaviors (Hsieh & Shannon, 2005). Therefore, the analysis of the commercial movie explains the discipline cases in the learning centers.

Hsieh, H., & Shannon, S. (2005). Three approaches to qualitative content analysis. Qualitative Health Research, 15(9), 1277-1288. doi: 10.1177/1049732305276687

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