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Write a 700- to 875-word blog post in Microsoft Word for your school website that connects what you have learned from your observation and interview with the following teaching practices to improve teaching and learning: 

  • Professional development 
  • Collaboration 
  • Self-reflection 

(NOTE: If you selected the alternative option for the observation and interview, please refer to your notes and responses from Part 1 and Part 2 of the alternative option in place of the observation and interview documents.)

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In your blog post, complete the following:

  • Compare the observed teaching, interview responses, and the teacher’s educational philosophies. 
  • Explain why continuous professional development is important and how this benefits students. 
  • Describe the benefits of teacher collaboration with colleagues, families, and students. 
  • Explain the use of self-reflection by teachers and how it improves teaching and learning. 
  • Describe what you learned from this field experience and how you will apply it to your future role as a teacher. 

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