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Structure of Capital Markets in CANADA:

How developed are Canada’s financial markets, and how are they organized?

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Structure Of Capital Markets In CANADA
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Relevant analysis would include items like the existence and depth of stock and bond markets and the existence of derivative security markets. 

How liquid are these markets (# of issues listed, volume…). 

Also, discuss the extent of government regulation in the financial markets. To what extent are international capital movements unregulated?

I have uploaded WORD DOC with the small part of what I have done so far.

Structure of Capital Markets in CANADA

a. Capital Markets:

i. Define capital markets? How do they help the economy?

1. Capital markets are crucial in contributing to a country’s economic growth and its competitiveness among global financial systems. They help create jobs, build businesses, aid people in purchasing homes, finance education, and allow workers to save for retirement.

i. Canada’s most popular capital market is the Toronto Stock Exchange 

2. The Toronto Stock Exchange is the seventh-largest in the world in respect to market capitalization. 

1. Major markets include Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa


0. The past decade has been quite eventful for the Canadian equity market structure….(expand on this more) 

a. Flat volume is a concern going forward. Between 1977 and 2012, volume would increase between 4-7% each year.

iii. Financial Intermediaries: (do we need to expand on this?) stocks/bonds to increase return on investment.

iv. Liquidity:

iv. Government bond markets are doing well in terms of liquidity. 

iv. The liquidity of Canadian equity markets shows to be lower than that of major global exchanges.

iv. Liquidity on the TSX continuously shows an upwards trend, with respect to the volume of trade shares increasing 3.5 times since the mid-1990’s.

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