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Reaction Papers. Each student is responsible for writing one reaction paper following each visit to an Any NA/AA meeting of your choice. Papers should not exceed 5 pages, double-spaced, 12-font. While this is a reaction paper, it is the expectation that the student will use relevant research as support (2-3 references required)

2 papers total: 1 for SA meeting and 1 for self-help group meeting

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Reaction Assignment
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Attend 1 SA “open” meeting for individuals and 1 self-help group for family members (S-Anon)

Attend a Zoom sexaholic anonymous meeting in Maryland – https://baltimoresa.org/

Attend a Zoom S-Anon meeting in Maryland – https://sanon.org/find-a-meeting/

Discovering how to access information about the meetings

Include what was learned from attending these meeting in your reaction paper by addressing the following questions:

Setting, Population, and reason for the meeting you selected

Where was the meeting, Who attended (descriptive)?

Topics- The variety of topics discussed

Analysis of group process

Identification of healing dynamics observed

Impressions of Recovery- Your impression of the recovery process

What the students found most helpful from the meeting that can be used in his/her counseling practice.

Overall Impact- Any other feelings or thoughts stirred up from the meeting

The student will also pose any questions that are left unanswered, and any concerns that s/he has regarding the 12-Step approach – https://baltimoresa.org/the-12-step-solution

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