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Question 1 

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1. Combining which of the following substances with germanium will cause the germanium to emit free electrons

A. Indium

B. Gallium

C. Aluminum

D. Bismuth

Question 2 

2. Which of the following is true in regard to a charged atom? 

A. When an atom gains an electron, it becomes a cation, which is positively charged.

B. The magnitude of the negative charge is equal to the magnitude of the positive charge.

C. The number of protons and the number of electrons within the same atom are unequal.

D. When an atom loses an electron, it becomes an anion, which is negatively charged.

Question 3 

3. When an electric current flows through a long conductor, each free electron moves 

A. from one end of the conductor to the other end.

B. back and forth between the ends of the conductor.

C. with a speed of 300,000,000 m/s.

D. through a relatively short distance.

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