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Question 1 

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1. How much heat energy (in megajoules) is needed to convert 7 kilograms of ice at –9°C to water at 0°C? 

A. 2.48 MJ

B. 3.26 MJ

C. 2.13 MJ

D. 3.09 MJ

Question 2 

2. A mass of gas under constant pressure occupies a volume of 0.5 m3 at a temperature of 20°C. Using the formula for cubic expansion, what will be the volume at a temperature of 45°C without a change in pressure? 

A. 0.0228938 m3

B. 0.0457875 m3

C. 0.5228938 m3

D. 0.5457875 m3

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