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Question 1 

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1. A water tank can hold 234 cubic meters of water. How many gallons can the water tank hold

A. 61,776 gallons

B. .886 gallons

C. 6,176 gallons

D. 23,400 gallons

Question 2 

2. A home mortgage is usually borrowed for how long? 

A. 15–25 years

B. 5–10 years

C. 20–30 years

D. 10–15 years

Question 3 

3. How many feet are in 24 yards? 

A. 288

B. 72

C. 8

D. 2

Question 4 

4. John and Mary Billings own a condominium with an assessed value of $110,000. If the tax rate is 25 mills per $1.00 of assessed valuation, how much tax do they pay? 

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