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Write 300 words on discussion and respond to two articles with 200 words each

1)Write 300 words for discussion with 3 peer reviewed references

Do you agree that it is the behavior of leaders that largely determines employee engagement?  What might be some other factors that influence engagement?2) Respond to two articles with 200 words each

Article 1

Engaged employees care about their work, are centered around their affiliations, and much of the time give more than is required or expected. Agents need to feel pride, satisfaction, affirmation, and support, but more than that, they need to acknowledge that their work matters and that it resonates with their characteristics. Delegate responsibility is the positively exciting affiliation a laborer has to their work and their workspace. Regardless, something beyond satisfaction, delegate responsibility is a positive relationship with the work laborers do and confidence in the goals, reason, and mission of that work. Laborer responsibility inspects and concentrates dependably allude to the board and drive legitimacy as a crucial component in this affiliation. Whether or not you are in a virtual gathering, working from a good way, or managing an in-person bunch in the new sort of work has changed basically. Make up for lost time with having conversations that go past, Thank you for your work, and assurance that you are clear concerning the potential gains of the affiliation and where agents fit into the elevated perspective, talk about the meaning of work and how your gathering’s responsibilities have an effect to the affiliation’s overall method and if the delegates may have questions and a portion of the time we don’t have answers quickly, yet promise you are engaging and keeping lines of correspondence open. Now and again being innovative is more troublesome than one may anticipate. It can on occasion be perplexing for agents to preliminary or address new hardships when the workplace feels uncertain and cutoff times are drawing closer. Today, with the rapidly changing business scene, various agents are taking on new troubles anyway many may similarly feel deserted. Assurance everyone gets a chance to broaden their work muscles. Giving moving opportunities to delegates to test new capacities to help the decisions your gathering makes on how they approach their obligations, set forward clear targets, plans, and accomplishments on undertakings to ensure appreciation.

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Article 2

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