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1. Visit your local store to identify two consumer products that will be classified as hazardous wastes when disposed. Look at the product label, and identify the key chemical components that make the product hazardous. Look for a competitive product that performs the same function. Do you think that it is necessary for both products to be sold in commerce? Why, or why not? Consider the container size, and comment on the issues associated with each size. If you had the authority to set container-size specifications for these two products, what would your recommendation be, and why? Your entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

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2. Consider this scenario to implement a safety and health plan. You are a health and safety manager. On Day 1, you identify hazardous chemicals that are stored at your residence or place of work. On Day 2, you identify hazards associated with each product. On Day 3, you identify key safety and health issues associated with each product. Now, state the changes that you will do as a result of preparing a safety and health plan of action for this scenario. Pick out three adverse disaster scenario events that could occur if the safety and health plan is not followed. What contingency plan is needed for each of the three disaster scenarios? What changes will you make based on your preparation of the contingency plan? Explain why your plan is effective. Your entry must be at least 200 words.

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