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Research Paper Topic: Immigration in America.

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#1 BELOW DUE 11/13/2021

1. Research Plan and Preliminary Annotated Bibliography: submit a research plan and preliminary bibliography. The plan will include (1) a description of your topic and your disciplinary approach(es) to it, (2) a working thesis, (3) a listing of at least five potential sources, with annotations, in the appropriate documentation style.

Sample Annotation:

Valiunas, Algis. “What James Agee Achieved.” Commentary. 121:2 (2006): 49-53. In this well-balanced tribute to James Agee, Valiunas sketches the picture of a versatile writer whose own hard living and alcoholism shortened his life. Perhaps Agee’s greatest contribution remains Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, a work that breaks through disciplinary boundaries to report the plight of tenant families in depression era Alabama. A book that sometimes suffers stylistically from Agee’s own excesses, Famous Men remains a brilliant reflection of the history of the time. Valiunas concludes, “James Agee was remarkable for the magnitude of his ambition, the profligacy with which he squandered his gifts, the consternation his failures caused him, and the high quality of the work he managed to produce in spite of his determined efforts at self-destruction” (53).

#2 AND 3 BELOW DUE 11/26/2021

2. Research Project: The central focus for this course is the production of a research project that adopts a particular perspective of a discipline(s) covered in the liberal studies major. Cross- disciplinary projects are strongly encouraged. The text Let Us Now Praise Famous Men is the focus of our study, but it is not necessarily the subject of your project. For that, you will go to other primary and secondary sources to study a topic inspired by the text.

The project should demonstrate your critical thinking and writing skills and may be a traditional research paper (approximately 12-15 pages, double-spaced) or a research paper that uses other media (photographs, film clips, artwork, interviews) within the formal paper.

If your paper takes an approach through the lens of literature and the humanities, then use MLA (Modern Language Association) style. If you are taking a perspective from the social sciences, then please use APA (the American Psychological Association). If you are moving between disciplines, select one documentation style.

You are expected to write an academic research paper that has a clear thesis or point you are asserting and uses credible secondary sources to support and develop that thesis. You can include visual elements for the paper like photographs or video clips since the text we are using relies heavily on photography. For some subjects you may also find using interviews to be helpful. But the final paper should be a formal written work with carefully documented sources.

3. Summary of Research Project: Your summary should be approximately 250-300 words long and should contain the following:

a. A statement of your subject.

b. Why you chose your subject.

c. Your approach to your subject.

d. How you researched your subject.

e. A summary of your findings.

f. Answers to these questions: Did the project turn out as you had planned? Did you make discoveries or learn something that you did not expect to learn?

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