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Write 300 words on discussion and respond to two articles with 200 words each

1)Write 300 words for discussion with 3 peer reviewed references

You are writing a report in which you will recommend that your department adopt a flexible work schedule for employees. You know that your manager will be most interested in the conclusions and recommendations sections of your report. First, explain the difference between a conclusion and a recommendation. Then write one conclusion and one recommendation that you could include in your report.

2) Respond to two articles with 200 words each

Article 1

A report is structured with multiple sections – executive summary, introduction, body, methodology, findings, conclusion, and recommendations. The conclusion or recommendation may be presented together under the same section or separately. However, its key to note that they serve different purposes.

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The point of a conclusion is to summarize key findings from the research and key elements of the discussion. It should help highlight the value of the work and the applicability of the findings. It can also include all the limitations that may be present in the design of the research or the focus group. It can also offer recommendations to improve the design of the work for more accurate results (Davis, 2021).

In contrast, a recommendation section of the report is included to make a proposal or recommend the best alternative to solve a problem. It can be done by comparing the alternatives by discussing its pros and cons and assessing the risks involved. The goal of the report is to state the facts and clarify the options available to resolve any issue (Davis, 2021).


Based on the above findings, research reports that employees display higher work productivity by 31% and report improved work satisfaction by 40%, when they have an option to work from home as needed.


With these significant numbers, it can be concluded that offering a flexible work schedule for the department will help increase our retention and boost employee morale. This step will establish among our employees that the company cares for their work-life balance and respects personal life as well.  


Davis, B. (2021, May 31). What is the purpose of a recommendation report? – MVOrganizing. MVOrganizing. https://www.mvorganizing.org/what-is-the-purpose-of-a-recommendation-report/

Article 2

Difference between Conclusion and Recommendation

Conclusion refers to the summary of the obtained results. It is subjective with respect to the research or finding from a particular experiment. It could be a promised finding, prediction or expectation from what is to be achieved. It explains the summary of the points presented in the discussion such as introduction, major or key findings related to the topic, the existing ideas and procedures if any, the shortcakes of the implementation or threats to the desired procedure, importance of the work.

Recommendation section throws light on the fact that the particular experiment which is currently occurring or it is a discussion regarding the future happenings. Recommendation could also refer to the alternative for the betterment of the organization or a company. Unlike conclusion recommendation describes the limitation along with how to overcome such limitations. It is analysis of what could be done to achieve better outcome.

The report regarding a recommendation for a department to adopt a flexible work schedule for employees are as follows. 


Businesses are getting reopened and social distancing orders are moved gradually employees ought to return to their regular work schedules. It is more evident that the remote work sessions were as successful as the regular work mode. Employees and employers have very well learned and adapted the virtual communication and implementation of work. It is highly recommended that the organization should consider flexible work schedules for the employees that need and seek. As the flexible work schedule makes no difference in the productivity. It is also irresistible that the flexible work schedule has increased the employee engagement in the work which has ultimately resulted in better quality of work.


Finally it is to conclude that the flexible work schedule yields increased productivity, employee engagement, also has reduced the time of employers and employees in commute. The flexible work schedule has remarkably reduced the resources that organizations invest in their firm with respect to employees accommodation commute other charges related to employee accommodation in offices.


Bryant, P. J. (2008). Develop a Conclusion and Recommendation. The Pharmacist’s Guide to Evidence-Based Medicine for Clinical Decision Making, 103.

Sun, P. P. (2020). Conclusion, Implication, Limitation, and Recommendation. In Chinese as a Second Language Multilinguals’ Speech Competence and Speech Performance (pp. 225-235). Springer, Singapore.

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