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Traffic Network Analysis PPT Which transportation network type is appropriate to use in the traffic analysis of your city if you were a traffic planner? As an example, if you were to use Washington, the networks to consider might be relative location (near the Potomac) and type of traffic. Describe your city’s traffic in some detail and then choose the appropriate network(s).  Or Discuss the Northern Distribution Network and its challenges. 

In a Power Point Presentation create a minimum of a 10 slide presentation on the above situation. This presentation must be in APA format with appropriate references cited. Remember that Wikipedia is not a credible academic resource – please use the university library. This assignment will be graded on content, grammar, and format.

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Transportation Analysis PPT
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Grading Rubric
Assignment ExpectationsPossible Points
Content / Subject Knowledge: Accurate and complete information is presented in a concise, logical sequence. Topic goes well beyond knowledge level of audience. Based upon original research published within past five years in major scientific journal(s), student uses at least 3 references in assignment.30
Organization of Ideas/Format:  Presentation includes clear, organized significance (greater context – why should we care?), introduction (what are you going to say, some background), body (study methods/results), conclusion (what was most important – main points), and future directions. Each info slide outlines or supplements a major point or details previous point. Doesn’t visually overload or contain small font – all text clearly visible. 10-30 words per slide. Completely logical sequence of ideas.25
Writing Conventions – Grammar/Mechanics:  Student demonstrates an excellent command of grammar, as well as presents research in a clear and concise writing style. Presents a thorough, extensive understanding of word usage. Student excels in the selection and development of a well-planned research assignment. Assignment is error-free and reflects student’s ability to prepare a high-quality academic assignment.  APA format is followed for essay format and references.15
Graphics & Transitions: Graphics used to illustrate topic of slide in an effective manner. Images are appropriate. Layout of images is pleasing to the eye. They all explain complex issues in a clear manner. Transitions are smooth and interesting. Transitions enhance the presentation.15
Background & Text: Background and text complement each other; easy to read, consistent throughout the presentation.10
Timeliness:    Assignment is formatted correctly and submitted on time.5

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