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COURSE CODE: BBA311 SCM COURSE NAME: Supply Chain Management CLASS CODE: 15204 and 15223


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Supply Chain Management Midterm
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 Individual task  Essay  Questions:

o If you are a “traditional scooter” manufacturer and you want to start producing “electric scooter”:  What are the supply chain areas you should be adding and/or reviewing within the whole change process and why?  Which are the roles you think should get a new training and why?

o Covid 19 has impacted retail and B2C companies. The supply chain and customer service of these companies are struggling, and consumers are facing empty shelves in shops and supermarkets. Please analyze the following:

 Describe the situation  Critically analyze the causes  What actions have been taken or are planned to be taken  Prepare your recommended action plan to avoid further issues regarding supply and customer service.

o Please make up 4 different situations with regards to Working Capital scenarios. Wright down the figures for each scenario and explain why it is good or bad for the company.


 Wordcount: 2.000 words  Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total wordcount.  Font: Arial 12,5 pts.  Text alignment: Justified.  The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style.

Submission: Week 6 – Via Moodle (Turnitin). Specific day and hour limit: Sunday 7th at 23:59CEST

Weight: This task is a 30% of your total grade for this subject.

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