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Assignment Instructions

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Why a presentation?

Presentations are useful methods of sharing important information, and are common formats used when training your audience how to do a specific task. Likewise, employers often seek individuals with presentations skills, as they can be trusted to communicate effectively. This assignment gives you an opportunity to practice giving a presentation, and also create a guide that future students of this course can use!

The Assignment

Using the storyboard from the discussion this week, create a How-To Presentation that teaches how to complete any assignment you’ve done so far in this class. YOUR GUIDE MUST TEACH YOUR AUDIENCE HOW TO COMPLETE A TASK RELATED TO THIS COURSE. This can be a general guide on how to do an entire assignment, or merely a portion of one (such as how to format APA-style citations, or methods to make sure you get your discussion board posts in on time). If your discussion board posts don’t match this requirement, you can instead choose a new task related to the course for your presentation. 

Try to choose a task that can be completed effectively in 5-10 steps, as longer instructions might get overwhelming. 

Your presentation will have to include both audio and visual elements. 

Audio Elements

Your presentation must have an audio component. You can accomplish this by choosing one of the following options:

OPTION 1: Have someone record you on video (or record yourself) as you present using slides, drawings, posters, or other visual aids.

OPTION 2: Record the audio using PowerPoint or another tool that allows you to record your voice (e.g. Audacity, Screenr.com, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or other software).

Video Elements

If your presentation is a video, you can use any available method to represent your steps—you can hold up images representing your steps, actually perform the activity as you narrate each step, or use a screen-capture software to record your screen if it’s a computer-related task (a free online program that allows you to do this is Apowersoft (Links to an external site.).)

If you don’t want to record yourself visually, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker, or any other appropriate software that you’re familiar with to make a slide presentation or video that includes both your audio and visual elements.


If you plan on using outside sources for your images, you must include full APA-style references for each. You can have these on a single “References Page” at the end of your video or presentation, or include them underneath each picture as you show them. Either method is fine for this assignment.

To complete your assignment, submit your video or presentation here, or submit a link to it if you’ve hosted elsewhere (such as Youtube.com).

If you record your presentation as a video, it should be NO longer than 5 minutes.

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