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● Article chosen:

Beauty sleep: experimental study on the perceived health and attractiveness of sl eep deprived people

● The purpose of the experimental study was to determine how getting a good

night’s sleep a”ects the attractiveness of people versus not getting a good

night’s sleep.

● The research was done to determine the perceived health, attractiveness and

overall stature of people after sleep.

● The best way to determine the e”ects of sleep is to conduct an experiment

involving sleep, which is what was done

● Study was done in Stockholm, Sweden

● Study was conducted in 2010 with 23 adults (age 18-31)

● Participants were photographed after a full night’s sleep and after sleep



● 23 adults (18-31) from Stockholm, Sweden were selected for this


● This study took the experimental design path

● Participants were photographed after a normal night’s sleep (eight

hours) and then again after sleep deprivation (31 hours of being

awake after reduced sleep) and their photographs were analyzed by

untrained observers

● The researchers were trying to 1nd the di”erence between observer

ratings in perceived health, attractiveness and tiredness


● 65 observers rated each of the 46 photographs for attractiveness, health, and tiredness: 138 ratings by each observer and 2990 ratings for each of the three factors rated.

● When sleep deprived, people were rated as less healthy get more tired and less “attractive”

● After a normal night’s sleep compared with the normal sleep condition, perceptions of health and attractiveness in the sleep-deprived condition decreased on average by 6% and 4% and tiredness increased by 19%

● These 1ndings were also presented as a correlation, suggesting that faces with perceived attractiveness are positively associated with perceived health and negatively with perceived tiredness.


● People are capable of detecting sleep loss related facial cues, and

these cues modify judgments of another’s health and


● Taken together, the results provide important insights into

judgments about health and attractiveness and give de1nition to

the phrase “beauty sleep.”

● These conclusions agree well with existing models describing a link

between sleep and good health as well as a link between

attractiveness and health.


● Axelsson, J., Sundelin, T., Ingre, M., Someren, E. J. W. V., Olsson, A., &

Lekander, M. (2010, December 15). Beauty sleep: Experimental study on the

perceived health and attractiveness of sleep deprived people. The BMJ.

Retrieved October 20, 2021, from


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  • Research/Results
  • Conclusion
  • References

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