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 see the attached document for instructions and expectations for the Process Change Project

Process Change (PC) Project

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PC-1: Process Map Instructions

Due: 11/8/21

Individual Assignment – 50 points

PC Project Overview

The Process Change (PC) project spans the “Change” part of Managing Innovation & Change. Students will choose a process from the CCB Academic Advising area, analyze it using their first-hand knowledge of the processes, published resources, and additional research. The end product will be a proposed organizational change project. Students will have the opportunity to discuss the current processes and existing improvement efforts.

The PC project consists of four incremental deliveries:

PC-1: Process Map

PC-2: Process Analysis

PC-3: Recommendation Report

PC-4: Recommendation Presentation

PC-1 Instructions

1. Select a process from the Academic Advising area. Some options are:

· Adding a Business Major· Adding a Business Minor· Adding a Business Certificate Program· Changing a Business Major· Adding a non-Business Major· Adding a non-Business Minor· Creating a class schedule· Addressing holds· Dropping a class· Withdrawing from a class· Getting off of a waitlist· Finding an advisor· Changing an advisor· Getting quick general info answers

2. Develop a process map (using the symbols shown in class) that represents the current state of the process. The process map should capture both the official steps and, as applicable, the student’s personal experience with the process.

3. Identify Key Stakeholders and their concerns

4. Identify three potential areas for improvement in the chosen process.

PC-1 Grading (50 Points)

5. Business Formatting Instructions: Use a business (vs. term paper) format for your submission. You can use the format of these instructions as an example. The goal is to make your information easy to see, so use headers, bullets, bolding, numbers and tables as appropriate to convey your information. (Note: you do NOT have to use all of these).

The goal in business writing is to present the information in as clear a way as possible and to make it easy to see important points. This is not a term paper – so does not need to be double-spaced and the paragraphs should be in block form (don’t indent the start of the paragraph) with line breaks between paragraphs.

Structure your report with headers corresponding to the major areas listed below (titles are bolded). The use of these headers means that you don’t need to worry about abrupt transitions between sections – the headers take care of that for you. Remember – the goal of the report is to share information. Clear, concise, professional writing and a good structure will help you do that.

Also, remember to cite your sources in text, and include references. Note: you can append your Process Map to the end of the report (or submit as a separate file – but prefer it to be included in the main file)

PC-1 Grading/Checklist

Possible PointsItem
5Process Description· Name of Process· Brief (one paragraph) overview description of the process
17Process Map· Uses symbols correctly· Adequately represents process· Appropriate level of detail (10-20 blocks)· Clearly shows decision points, alternate paths, and potential loops
15Stakeholder Analysis· Identifies 4 (or more, if appropriate) key stakeholders· Describes the role/position/relationship of the stakeholder to the process· Identifies the key concerns for each stakeholder
10Potential Improvements· Identifies 3 areas for potential improvement· Describes rationale for why each change is needed
3References· APA or equivalent standard format· Sufficient information so the original source material can be located· Cited in text
(-5max)Basic writing quality
Late Submission
Not meeting submission requirements:· 12 pt Times New Roman, 1” margins, page numbers in lower right corner, headers for each area, paragraphs separated by line breaks· Process Map in landscape format appended to end of document· File name: “PC-1_StudentName” (.docx, .doc or .pdf). If technical difficulties, may submit separate ppt doc with process map graphic, with file name “PC-1_StudentName_ProcMap”· Information Block at start of submission with “PC-1: Process Map”, Name of process, Student Name, Date”

Template follows on next page.

PC-1: Process Map

<Name of Process>

<Student Name>

Due Date: November 8, 2021

1. Process Description & Process Map

<start your description here…one paragraph overview of the process>

<reference your process map as appended to the end of the document>

2. Stakeholder Analysis

<intro paragraph giving overview of stakeholders, then for each stakeholder:>

Stakeholder 1: <replace “Stakeholder 1” with name of stakeholder, then provide description including relationship to the process (e.g., do they provide a service, are a customer, or have a different “stake” in the process. Describe their key care abouts>

Stakeholder 2: <replace “Stakeholder 2” with name of stakeholder, etc.>

Stakeholder 3: <replace “Stakeholder 3” with name of stakeholder, etc.>

Stakeholder 4: <replace “Stakeholder 4” with name of stakeholder, etc.>

(and more, if appropriate)

3. Potential Improvements

<intro paragraph giving overview of the areas for potential improvement>

Improvement 1: < provide a brief description of area for improvement and rationale>

Improvement 2: < provide a brief description of area for improvement and rationale>

Improvement 3: < provide a brief description of area for improvement and rationale>

4. References


Insert your process map here

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