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Module 06 Content


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Module 06 Course Project
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Top of Form

It is time to submit your completed project. Keep in mind you are presenting from the perspective of the Human Services professional so objective, proficient language is expected. Your audience consists of other professional case managers as well.


In a 10-12 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes, compile the information you detailed from Module 02-05 into one complete arrangement. Include the following:

· A title slide

· A case study that describes your client population (individual or group)

· A theoretical analysis that describes your client’s behavior, including examples of behaviors to show theory application. Include a minimum of one specific theory from each area of influence:

· Biological

· Psychological

· Social

· A discussion of client values and how these values could affect Human Services work

· An analysis of family influence on behavior using one of the following concepts:

· Family Systems theory

· Family structure

· Parenting style

· A discussion of best practices when working with your client based on human behavior theory

· A demonstration of self-awareness related to personal values and how they could affect working with the client

· A reference slide with a minimum of three (3) scholarly references not counting the textbook. (If the textbook was used it should be included on the reference slide in addition to the minimum three scholarly references.)

Additional Requirements:

· Keep your slides simple, using a basic background theme and limiting the use of decorative fonts and pictures.

· Limit the amount of text on each slide. The information on the slide should  support  what the presenter is saying. Use bullet points to highlight main points in phrases or headings. Using the least amount of information on the slide increases the chance of the audience listening to the presenter instead of just reading the slides.

· Each slide should contain the information the presenter will say in the  Notes  section. This is an area that is not visible to the audience, so sentences, quotes, statistics, or stories can be placed here.

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