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1. Federalism is a system in which power is divided between the national and state governments AKA  division of powers. The original intents of federalistnwhen they designed federalism was to avoid tyranny and to allow more participation in politics. It was also to use the states as “laboratories” for new ideas and programs. The cons of federalism It creates a wealth gap, It creates confusion, It can be used for leverage and It stops national policies from being implemented. The pros are It provides a better level of stability from a political perspective, It lessens the bureaucracy and It separates the powers of the government. Federalism is a little better than conderal system because federalism is a compromise meant to eliminate the disadvantages of both systems. 

2. Federalism is a system of government in which requires such as states or provinces to share power with a national government. The primary purpose of federalism and why they wanted it, it’s because federalists wanted a strong central government; which can also improve the relationships between states as well.

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· provides better stability from a political view 

· lessens the bureaucracy 

· increases citizen participation  


· lack of accountablity  

· conflict of authority  

· creates a wealth gap  

I belive that federalism is better because it allows both the national and state to share power, increase citizen participation and provide a better level of stability from a political view. 

3. Briefly put, federalism is intricately connected to the poltical systems, in which national and regional governments share powers and are considered soveriegn against the states. The original intents of federalists, when they coined the term federalism, are to overcome government tyranny, and achieve their obejctive of formulating a more potent national government. Historically, two events satisfied this goal, the first one being the Annapolis Convention, in which to establish an interstate trade agreement. The second event was Shays’s rebellion, named after its leader, Daniel Shays, a farmer and soldier who served during the revolutionary war. The rebellion followed a protest of state efforts to confiscate or supercede property as payment for revenues and debts.The pros and cons of federalism, are heavily influenced by the relationships executives, legislatives, and chief justice officers have with its citizens. One important fact to note from the textbook, is that, “In the United States, the pros and cons of federalism have enhanced yet restrained the American politcal system for over two centuries,” (Smith & Greenblatt, 2017, p. 30). Four key advantages exist, which is maintaining boundaries between the people and government, tolerance of local differences to be reflected in state and local government policy in reducing conflict, greater flexibility and experimentation, and the effective means of satisfying national goals. In contrast to those advantages, there is much complexity and confusion in those connections, can potentially increase conflict at a higher rate rather than reducing it, the promotion of duplication and mitigation of accountability (especially in law enforcement duties), federal systems often place burdens to coordinate policy efforts nationally, and lastly, federal systems poses inequitable services and policies.In my opinion, federalism is not any more or less superior between a unitary and confederacy system, but they are certainly affluent in distributing economic wealth, to their daily operations. The textbook mentions that federal systems operate in a middle range between unitary systems confederacies, and that both the state and national governmnents work collaboratively in the legal sense, with much significant leeway for states and local officials to overview those regulations. Federalism, ultimately grants its citizens legal authority for each state, with specifc ramifications outlined from the constitution, which is the same ideology of checks and balances. To me, federalism should be the dominant form of governance in today’s ever changing society, factoring in soverign immunity and how federalism has progressed ever since the late 1700s up, with only a few major recessions throughout American history.

4. Federalism is a system of government in which multiple central entities share authority. This means that there is a federal government that reigns supreme over all others, as well as smaller, more localized administrations that handle local and regional matters. It’s original intent was to fight against the power of the branches for a more balance system. They were able to claim that the division of powers between the three branches of government safeguarded citizens’ rights. None of the three branches could take control of the others because they were all equal. Federalism is better because it’s main focus and purpose being created is for a more balance power system. 


· It creates a sense of local patriotism. 

· It provides a better level of stability from a political perspective. 

· it encourages involvment. 


· It tends to create confusion. 

· creates a wealth gap. 

· it stops national policies from being enforced. 

5. Federalism is a system of self governance where the responsibilities of a government are shared between a regional government, and a national or centralised one. Both power structures are dependent on the citizens to grant them their power. The original intent of a federalist system was to insure everyone will have a say in their government and those who will be leading them. At all levels this ensures that a citizen’s local needs and wants are heard as well as taking care of more nationalised goals. Some of the key advantages to a federalist system include a more flexible role for individual state laws in regarding institutions. A federalist system also keeps the peace between their citizens and the centralised government because the state government can more easily take care of their citizens needs and wants, this system will also allow for greater experimentation with laws at a state level. Federalism also facilitates the greater achievement of national goals like war and trade agreements. Like all governmental systems there are going to be some cons which include an increase in complexity and confusion between the local governments and the federal one. This complexity also hurts when trying to establish jurisdiction lines which can result in conflict with possible overlap or contradictions. These skewed jurisdictions could also lead to duplicate or contradictory efforts and reduce accountability such as federal and state law enforcement.I do believe the federalist system is the best of the three due to its involvement of citizenship all the way through the governmental structures. I believe there are national goals and interests that validate a need for a centralised government, but that there is also a need for a stronger localised government to address the needs of the local population in a more efficient and localised way. Because we need atleast some form of centralised government to deal with larger more nationalistic goals, I belive the federalist system is structured so that the people need to be envolved at all levels. If we look at the Unitary system, I believe the biggest flaw is taking the control of one’s localised concerns and needs and putting them into the hands of a centralised government. Another big problem that I have with this system of government is, its the centralised government that gives power to the local governments which could open up to a more tyrannical system. And finally when we look at a Confederal system we see that the regional governments are the only ones who have a say in the centralised government. This style of government is better then the Unitary style of government, but it still takes some of the power away from the people when it comes to decisions on more nationalistic goals

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