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it is a group project worth 15% 

i attached all the requirments in a file 

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ACCG32006D| Information Technology | Group Assignment Page 1 of 3

ACCG32006D | Information Technology | Group Assignment Emerging Accounting Technologies

This group assignment is a comprehensive effort that is intended to draw on the breadth and depth of

information technology concepts that we have discussed in the course as well as those your group has

researched outside of class. Its purpose is to have you develop a richer understanding of how emerging

accounting technologies are currently and will be used in the future to generate organizational value.


The details regarding the group assignment are as follows:

1. Pick an Emerging Accounting Technology that is of interest to your group from the list of

available topics. Try to pick a technology that is of interest to the majority of group members.

2. Once your group has chosen their topic (i.e., as per item #1), please have one team member

email the top 3 topic choices from the list (ranked in order of preference) to the instructor, who

will advise you of the topic you have been given. Topics will be assigned on a first-come, first-

served basis, and only 2 groups will be allowed for each topic.

3. Write a group report that provides in detail:

a. A full description of your chosen Emerging Accounting Technology to provide context for

the reader of the report. You should discuss what the emerging technology is, the

history of the emerging technology (use a timeline) as well as full details on exactly how

the emerging technology works.

b. A description of how your chosen Emerging Accounting Technology is currently being

used in the accounting profession. If your emerging technology is being used in many

ways, try and focus on 3-4 areas that either have a high impact or that interest your

group. Be sure to include the impacts that the emerging technology is having on the

accounting profession. Your impacts should include both quantitative (e.g., financial,

economic, etc.) as well as qualitative (e.g., employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction,

etc.) ones. In addition, describe 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of the use of the

emerging technology in the accounting profession. For the advantages, you should

describe how/why these are advantages to the accounting profession and for the

disadvantages, you should describe why they are disadvantages, how serious these

disadvantages are and whether there are any ways to overcome these disadvantages.

c. What are the potential future uses of your chosen Emerging Accounting Technology?

Try to focus on innovative new ways the emerging technology will/may be used in the

accounting profession, based on your research. For each of the future uses, clearly

describe the future use, including how it will be used and the impacts this new use will

have on the accounting profession.

d. Write a short (approximately 1,000 words) case study describing a real-life example of

how your Emerging Accounting Technology is being used at an organization. Ensure

that you describe the organization using your chosen Emerging Accounting Technology,

how they use it, why they use it and the benefits they receive from its use.

ACCG32006D | Information Technology | Group Assignment Emerging Accounting Technologies

ACCG32006D| Information Technology | Group Assignment Page 2 of 3

4. Reports should include:

a. Title page with the title of your report, date submitted, course name, group member

names and group number.

b. Table of contents

c. Introduction, report body (i.e., see specific areas in item #3 above), conclusion.

d. References (using APA format)

e. Appendices (if required)

5. If they arise, please attempt to resolve any group issues (e.g., unfair workload sharing, lack of

effort from group members, etc.) on your own. If the group is unable to resolve an issue, please

bring this to the attention of the instructor as soon as possible so that the instructor can assist in

issue resolution.


Reports are expected to be approximately 5,000 words (this translates into approximately 10-12 single-

spaced pages that use a standard font type/size). You are also encouraged to include images and/or

charts to enhance your report. Please note these word counts do not include title page, table of

contents, references, appendices or images/charts. You must include page numbers on every page. In

preparing your submission ensure you abide by Sheridan policies and procedures governing academic

integrity and use APA style referencing when you incorporate ideas and content that are not your own.

Groups are encouraged to use Turnitin to ensure the work being submitted does not contain an

unacceptable level of content drawn directly from other sources. The Instructor will use Turnitin to

check every submission for Academic Integrity violations. Remember, this report should be written by

your group based on the knowledge gained from your extensive literature review, real-life experiences,

etc., and not simply a copy/paste of literature that has been accessed.

Sheridan is committed to Academic Integrity. In this course the professor has chosen to require students

to use Turnitin to check their own written work to ensure originality.

• By taking this course students agree that they will submit written work for this course to

Turnitin for text comparison.

• Students will have the opportunity to review their initial work and correct any issues identified

by Turnitin prior to submitting their final work.

• Students will include the final Originality Report as a part of the written work submission.

• Students are encouraged to discuss the Originality Report at any time with their faculty


• Assignments submitted to Turnitin will be included as source documents in Turnitin.com’s

restricted access database, solely for the purpose of detecting text copying.


This group report is worth 15% of your final grade. The report must be submitted as an electronic Word

document (.docx) to the Slate “Emerging Accounting Technology Group Assignment” Assignment

Dropbox prior to the deadline. Late submissions will be penalized by a grade reduction of 10% for every

24 hours that the assignment is late. Assignments submitted more than 96 hours late will be assigned a

grade of zero.

ACCG32006D| Information Technology | Group Assignment Page 3 of 3

ACCG32006D | Information Technology | Group Assignment Emerging Accounting Technologies


You are expected to make extensive use of outside resources for this group project. While there is no

specified minimum, a report of this nature should use approximately 25 different valid cited sources (e.g.,

academic journals, trade publications, newspapers, accredited websites, etc.) Please note that Wikipedia

may be a good starting point for research, but it should not be cited as a reference. You are required to

use APA Format for your references. Completion of this assignment and the provision of valid and

applicable literature to reference and use in your report can be supported through effective use of the

following resources:

• Sheridan Library (https://www.sheridancollege.ca/life-at-sheridan/student-services/library-


• Google and Google Scholar

• Course textbook and in-class discussions

• Additional textbooks as requiredhttps://www.sheridancollege.ca/life-at-sheridan/student-services/library-services.aspxhttps://www.sheridancollege.ca/life-at-sheridan/student-services/library-services.aspx

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