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Managing dynamic environment – apa – 4 pages – due in 72 hours

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Dynamic Management
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What Type of a Change Agent Are You? (110 points)

Being an effective change agent is not an easy task. Individuals need to continuously analyze their competencies and ensure that competency-related improvements are made. In Table 8.1, attributes of change leaders and change managers are discussed. For this assignment, read Chapter 8 and its entirety and explain the following information:

1. Do you feel like you are a change agent or a change manager? Explain and justify your rationale.

2. If you stated that you are a change manager, how can you further develop into a change leader? If you believe that you are a change leader, what developmental stage do you believe that you are in?

3. As noted, in your textbook, there are four types of change leaders. Based upon your knowledge, skills, and abilities, what types of change leaders do you view yourself to be? How does this type of change leader align or differ from the type of change leader your organization would hire? Explain.

4. Do you believe you could modify your change approach to meet the needs of an organization? Why or why not?

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