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Is there anyone that can help me with my discussion question.  I will have the instruction and the link for the podcast in the attached document. 

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Discussion Question
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Discussion 1 Instructions

You should have already “claimed” two Freakonomic Podcasts for your original posts. To be clear, there should be no two Original Posts on the same podcast as that would disqualify the 2nd post. 

This assignment is a summary about the material in the podcast. You can inject your opinion but please keep this portion to less than 10% of the post. Be sure to include all major points made in the podcast. Also, be sure your posts are written from an economic perspective and not a political or sociological perspective.  Please avoid partisan political comments or disrespectful language.  Academic discussions should not be emotional but rational. Your original post should be 300 words long and each should be substantive and economic in nature.  Partisan political comments are expressly prohibited.  Avoid the use of political party labels and comments on candidates or potential candidates. Disparaging comments are not allowed and all discussions should be polite and academic in nature, especially in disagreement.  Posts and responses that violate these rules will be deemed as not fulfilling the requirements for this assignment and will not earn credit.

Post will be worth a maximum 100 points each.

Quotes are not allowed. To demonstrate that you understand the material you MUST use your own words.  Please do not use photographs, graphs or tables. 

Grammar, spelling and proper syntax do count.  Proofreading the posts and responses is part of the assignment.  The instructor will not proofread your paper but will grade your submission. 

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