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Explain why, in your opinion, so much media, including film and television, is devoted to the depiction of serial killers

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Why have African American males become such prolific serial killers over the last 15 years? Elaborate and provide a convincing explanation to support your argument.

There are very few, if any, African American female serial killers? Why do you suppose this is, given the fact that there has been such a huge inflation of African American male serial killers in recent years?

According to the book, African Americans and Caucasians very seldom team up as accomplices in serial killing? In your opinion, why do you suppose this is? Elaborate

Are you surprised by the way that some incarcerated serial killers are able to exert power over women outside of the prison? Specifically, why do think Veronica Compton was influenced by not one, but two, incarcerated serial killers? Elaborate.

Follow up with original thinking question to the class.

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