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Pick any book to review dealing with African American History

The mid-term book review paper must be approximately five to seven double- spaced, typewritten pages in Times New Roman 12-point font. It must reflect the topics covered in the course, students would be wise to select a book that is related to the movements or organizations they intend to research and write about for their final papers. The professor must approve each book choice before a student commences to review it. I will also provide a list of pre-selected books for students to consider. An academic/university press must publish students’ book selections. Students must include proper citations within the text of their review using footnotes and include a bibliography. Students must use the Chicago Manual of Style for citations. Students are required to review the book’s introduction, conclusion, and at minimum 4 body chapters. Use the handout “Tips for Writing a Book Review” posted in “modules” on Canvas under the “course handouts” tab. As discussed thoroughly in week 8’s lecture, this handout will help guide students to successfully complete the review. Please note, History.com is NOT a scholarly source to cite in your book review, students must only cite the book they are reviewing. 

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