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Question 1

A nurse is planning to reinforce teaching regarding a newborn immunization with a client who is 24 hr postpartum. Which of the following information should the nurse plan to include?

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“Your baby will receive the first hepatitis B vaccine before discharge.”
“Your baby will receive the rotavirus vaccine if your blood titer is low.”
“Your baby will receive the first influenza virus vaccine at the 4-week checkup.”
“Your baby will receive the varicella vaccine if you have a history of chicken pox.”

Question 2

A nurse is planning to reinforce teaching with a client about the adverse effects of simvastatin. For which of the following adverse effects should the nurse instruct the client to notify the provider?

Muscle pain
Fine hand tremors
Urinary retention
Double vision

Question 3

A nurse is caring for a client who has a prescription for a hydromorphone 2 mg immediate release tablet by mouth. The nurse administers a 4 mg immediate release tab by mistake. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?

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