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Assignment Details.

One of the most common ways of controlling hazards and equipment is through the use of lockout/Tagout (LOTO) systems, these systems are used in a variety of industries. Your assignment for this week is to read the article below related to LOTO programs in a Hospital setting.

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After reading this article and the chapter describe/define LOTO system(s). UC San Diego Health identified four Lockout/Tagout Components, list them and provide a brief summary of each. As managers and leaders in organizations upon graduation Return on Investment (ROI) is a topic that you will hear a lot about. As given in the article related to ROI what are some of the benefits of LOTO system(s).

Mechanical Hazards Template

Describe/Define LOTO from the article and textbook. (5 pts.)

UC San Diego Health Lockout/Tagout Components (10 pts.)

Return on Investment (ROI) (5 pts.)

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