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See the PSY645 Fictional Sociocultural Case Study 5  document attached, and write a detailed description of your uncensored personal observation of the patient depicted. Include any personal thoughts and feelings you have about the client or the scenario that may be related to personal biases. Describe at least one theoretical orientation you would use to conceptualize your view of the patient’s problem and how it may have developed (e.g., cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, biological, sociocultural, evolutionary, psychoanalytic, integrative, etc.). NOTE: Be clear that you are writing about theoretical orientations and using the theoretical orientations to explain the client’s symptoms and presenting problems. Do not use the theoretical orientations to discuss any therapy or treatment approaches. Your application of the theoretical orientations should answer the question: How did this client develop the symptoms and current presenting problems? For example, “Based on the cognitive perspective, how did this client develop the symptoms and current presenting problem?” “Based on the humanisitic perspective, how did this client develop the symptoms and current presenting problem?” Etc.  Next, identify the issues you might focus on in treatment with this patient?

Case #5

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Jamaal is a 12-year-old African American male who is being bullied at his new private school. He encountered similar difficulties at his prior public school. Jamaal was referred for an evaluation three years ago because of excessive talking in class. He would finish his work quickly, become bored, and then engage others in conversation. He was evaluated by a psychologist and diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. His intelligence test scores were all observed to be in the “genius”/Very Superior range. Jamaal is approximately 70 pounds overweight and has difficulty making friends other than his online computer gaming “friends”. Jamaal’s art teacher recommended his parents take him to see a psychologist because of increasingly depressive and aggressive themes observed in this work.

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