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Hello Professor Labbree,

According to Gordon, quantitative content analysis is recorded on a coding sheet that counts the number of times a word, color or other factor was used (2019). On the other hand, qualitative data is uploaded into software that can determine themes. A question I could answer through content analysis is: How do advertisements reinforce the idea that older populations are considered vulnerable? Videos, television, radio, newspaper editorials, and others would be the types of content gathered for this study.

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Gordon, L. E. (2019). Real research: Research methods sociology students can use (2nd ed.). Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications.

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Clear and Cloudy (Optional, but response can count for participation points)

What do you think you think that you have understood the best/is the “clearest” about this week’s topic of content analysis? How would you describe it to someone who is having difficulty with it?

How would you say has been the “cloudiest” part of this week’s lesson?

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