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Technical Report

Cloud computing brings the ability to scale both technologically and business-wise using a pay-as-you-go paradigm, allowing the users to concentrate more resources and time on their ideas (Edlund & Livenson, 2011). Please write a technical report about the opportunities and challenges on adoption of cloud computing in a real or fictional business case.

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Report 2
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2-4 pages, Times New Roman, 12 point, and double-space

Report 2


· Perform usability evaluation of a user interface of your choice of any interactive healthcare IT system.    

· Perform usability evaluation of a user interface of your choice of any interactive operating system.   


· Upload one-word document to this drop box.

· Provide adequate and complete information.

For each question:

· Include the bibliography of ALL resources, websites, papers, etc. used and accessed. Also make sure that you have in-text citation

· Using usability evaluation techniques studied in this course, prepare a list of questions you will use to evaluate the user interface (around 5 questions other than the ones listed in next bullet).

· In addition to your questions, answer the following questions:

· Does the interface have an Intuitive design: a nearly effortless understanding of the architecture and navigation of the site?

· Is the interface easy to learn: how fast a user who has never seen the user interface before can accomplish basic tasks?

· What is the interface’s Efficiency of use: How fast an experienced user can accomplish tasks?

· Explain the interface’s Memorability: after visiting the site, if a user can remember enough to use it effectively in future visits

· What is the Error frequency and severity: how often users make errors while using the system, how serious the errors are, and how users recover from the errors?

· What is the Subjective satisfaction: If the user likes using the system?

· Provide Screen shots: images of the interface and its uses (at least 5). 

· Using usability evaluation techniques studied in this course and/or evaluation methods listed next, choose then use the appropriate evaluation methods to conduct your evaluation. Explain it in detail and attach (insert in document) completed forms, etc. Examples of evaluation methods (but not limited to): Baseline usability testing on an existing site, Focus groups, surveys or interviews to establish user goals, Card Sort testing to assist with IA development, Wireframe testing to evaluate navigation, First click testing to make sure your users go down the right path, Usability testing to gauge the user interaction end-to-end and, and Satisfaction surveys to see how the site fares in the real world.

You need to elaborate and explain.

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