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 It will need 13 Pages.

Industry Selected is Wine Industry and you need to Focus only on North california and Virginia.

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Intro. Hospitality Management

Topic: Trends and forecast of your selected hospitality industry sector

Contents (5 sections):

1. Introduction of the industry (15): including history, statistics, and key facts

2. Trend and/or industry news between May, 2021 ~December 20, 2021 (25):

You can include within 1 Year of industry news (if the given period doesn’t provide enough news) and articles: source should be included in the body and in the reference section, APA style. Should NOT be from only one source

3. Conclusion (40): MINIMUM 4 PAGES Based on trends analysis, 1) findings and 2) forecast of future

4. References and APA Style compliance (10): List source of your references (should try to have at least three (3) references) and the text book may not be used as a source.

Format: 12-point, double spaced minimum of 13 pages (excluding a cover page and references) Pointers:

Include statistical information such as charts or graphs that can support your arguments

Conclusion should be based on your news summary, and you can also include your insight for future prediction using supportive information

References should be matched with text citations using APA style.

Similarity: Carefully paraphrase sentences with proper references. If your report shows more than 20% similarity, it will not be accepted with zero point.

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