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Types of Percent Problems
Find the Missing PartIn a survey of 50 people at Scoops Ice Cream Shop, 20% of people said their favorite ice cream flavor was vanilla. How many people said that their favorite flavor was vanilla?=percent
Find the Missing Whole30% of the gumballs in a machine are pink. If there are 15 pink gumballs in the machine, how many gumballs are there in all?=percent
Find the New WholeA salesperson sold 20 cars last month. He sold 25% more this month than last month. How many cars did he sell this month?=percent

Use the notes on the other side of this paper to help you!

___Identify what I need to

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find: part, whole, or

new whole

___Fill in the proportion

with the given


___Use between ratios,

within ratios, or

cross products


part whole

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