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Aims of the Assignment

· To enable students to learn about a new culture of their choice

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· To explore the effects of a different culture on consumer attitudes and behaviour and how exporting firms can use this knowledge effectively

· To identify and review appropriate literature on culture and selected issues to apply relevant theories and concepts on consumer and exporting firms.

Assignment Overview and Assessment:

This assignment is based on an individual paper, which is on the theme of sustainable enterprise across cultures. In your selection of topic, you should consider triple bottom line approach – “People, Planet, Profit”. You should select one issue, which is classified by either “People” or “Planet” dimensions of the Triple Bottom Line

We suggest that you choose a specific topic related to one of the three issues, which may be in one of the following eight areas:

High consumption of high fat, salt, sugar foods Low levels of physical activity Deforestation caused by over-consumption of meat / dairy Binge drinking Single-use plastic use Fast fashion consumption Animal testing in cosmetics

The word limit is 2000 words (excluding the executive summary, reference list and appendices), accounting for 60% of the overall assessment of this module.

Assignment Brief

Select an overseas country of interest (but it cannot be the UK) You should then address the following 4 points:

1. Based on the theories and concepts from the literature, describe, discuss and interpret what is known, in general, about consumers, customers and managers motivations and behaviour with regards to your chosen responsible enterprise issue.

2. Using your research of what is known from the literature about responsible enterprise issue discussed in point 1, critically evaluate and apply appropriate cultural theories and concepts to explain how and why they might affect motivations and behaviour to your chosen sustainable enterprise issue in your selected country.

3. From your findings discuss the implications of this knowledge of culture and sustainable enterprise issue for SME exporter.

Marking Scheme

Marking criteriaProportion of Marks
Secondary researchUse of relevant secondary data and research literature from a suitably wide range of sources, appropriately integrated, summarized and referenced (Harvard system).25%
Relevant discussion, application and integration of knowledge and theories in the areas of culture and sustainabilityDemonstration of a sound understanding of cultural theory through appropriate critiquing, application and discussion of how and why culture affects motivations and behaviour to sustainable enterprise issue in your selected country.45%
ImplicationsImplications of your research for knowledge, exporting SMEs20%
PresentationQuality of written communication in terms of use of English, relevance, structure and flow,10%

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