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Research Question: How does the challenges around child care and work schedule for single working class mothers in NYC affect their ability to return to school in order to access better job opportunities.

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Guidelines on Writing the Introduction (1-2 pages)

** The Introduction section of your paper should include details about all the points (#1-3) below. It should be about 1-2 pages of your final paper. Title this section of your paper as “Introduction”.

1. Introduce your topic by providing back-ground information on the topic to introduce your project:

a. You can start the introduction in 2 ways: (a) provide background information of the topic and lead into stating your research question (see point #2 below); OR (b) start with stating your research question and then, provide background information on your topic.

b. Background information can include, but is not limited to: historical information/background on the topic; a brief summary of key arguments in the existing scholarship about the topic; a news/media/social media article/post about the topic; a statistical report, policy report on the topic etc. define the key terms

c. For the background you can use non-academic (newspapers, social media, media, policy reports, interesting blogs/websites etc.) and academic sources (peer review articles, scholarly books)

d. All background information must be cited and citations must be inserted into the bibliography.

2. State your research question:

a. State your research question as finalized in class. Please state it exactly as finalized in class.

b. Define key terms in your research questions. Example: I would define what are interfaith marriages especially in the Indian context; what I mean by Catholic interfaith marriages etc.

c. Situate the research question in relation to the background information – i.e. in the writing, either the background information has to lead clearly to the question or the question has to lead into the background information.

3. Discuss the significance of your question/topic:

a. Clearly explain why you think this question is important to study. You can point to gaps in existing scholarship/understanding that your research is filling; how your research is advancing existing scholarship/understanding of the topic; other reasons that it is important to research this question.

4. Add the citations to your Bibliography

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