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Intext citation pointing to a reference list

Title of paper

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Homework Assignment #2

Essay on Life Long Learning

Professional Practices – CSE 4314

Assignment Introduction:

I know you are working diligently in your studies realizing “anything worthwhile is never easy or free”. You will look back on your college career once you have entered into the work force and realized it has made all the difference in the world to you and your family. But of course once you graduate that is not the end of your learning experience.

In order to continue staying relevant to corporate America with the right skills and expertise one must practice Life-Long Learning. To that end Homework #2 is related to Life Long Learning. You are to write an essay on what life-long learning means and the importance of practicing life-long learning during an individual’s career. This paper is to be 1 1/2 to 2 pages long double spaced, font Times New Roman size 12 with in-text citation pointing to a reference list. This paper should contain a title page as well. You may follow any style guide for the title page, but it should include on separate lines as a minimum:

1. The title of your paper,

2. Your name & student ID,

3. Homework #2.

4. You will also place on the title page “Submitted as a Requirement for the Completion of the Course Professional Practices – Spring 2017”

5. Followed by the Course Number, Section Number

6. Date of submittal.

This will be due November 7,2021. Please do not forget to add your signed academic integrity form as the last page of this submittal. Follow the general formatting given under the Advisement Folder where these instructions are silent.

Please remember to structure your essay with the following sections

1. Introduction

2. Discussion

3. Conclusions

4. Reference List

5. Academic Integrity Form – Signed

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