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The core of the development and growth of the US pet industry comes from the progress of the concept of pet raising in the process of economic development and the rapid growth of diversified consumption under the trend of pet humanization. The development of the US economy is the foundation for the development and growth of the pet industry, and changes in the demographic structure and the increase in per capita disposable income have promoted the rapid growth of pet consumption. On this basis, as a sales executive, I will choose a smart feeding bowl for marketing. This product can be connected to Bluetooth, and the pet owner can remotely control feeding. This is not convenient for people who travel frequently and like to travel but are not convenient to carry. It is a very convenient product for people with pets. And this product can also be connected to the Internet to develop the best nutritional mix for pets. Because from the perspective of the pet raising habits of pet owners, more and more pet owners will choose high-quality pet products for their pets. Because pets have strong social attributes, they focus on pet grooming, pet boarding, and pet medical care. Sufficient attention has been paid to chemical services, and the pet industry service chain has achieved rapid expansion. Judging from the list of top 10 pet products in the United States, pet food and medicine are the two most popular sub-categories, and products with technological attributes such as smart bowls and pet feeders have also been favored by more consumers. Look, the “humanization of pets” reflects the improvement of the status of pet families, which is also promoting the overall consumption upgrade of the pet industry, and high-quality, healthy, and technological products are favored by more consumers.

Through the examples and data around us, we can see that the number of pet owners has increased. Cats and dogs are good for people, and more and more people have plans or have started to keep pets. Due to aging, old people keep pets because their children cannot be around, so pets can alleviate loneliness. Young people think it is more convenient to have pets, and it may be better to have pets than to have children. These factors have led to a huge increase in the population of pet owners. Many families regard pets as part of their own family, and pets enjoy a very high family status. When pets are sick, people are willing to take them to the doctor and hope to extend their lifespan. But nowadays, many pet hospitals are very expensive, and the inspection fee, service fee, and medical expenses add up to a large expense at the time of checkout. While spending money on pets, people also want to reduce expenses as much as possible. Pet insurance is very important at this time. Just like humans, if you get sick, insurance can reimburse some expenses in time. If the pet is not sick, then a physical examination every few years is also very important. With insurance, people are more willing to take their pets to the pet hospital, so that if some problems really happen, they can be solved quickly. More importantly, good pet insurance will not keep your pet from being injured or sick, but it can help your pet relieve the pressure of illness and emergency. People buying insurance for pets is not only consumption but also a respect for life. 

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