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Reflection Paper #7

DUE Sunday, November 14th

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Criminal Justice
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This paper will be your reflection/thoughts on the efficacy of policing in the US. As with every reflection paper, it should be 1-2 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font (and no weird/extra spacing/fillers) – and you need to refer (make a connection) to at least one of the readings assigned for this week.

What arguments does Vitales in “How Much Do We Need Police?” make about the role/practices of police in the US? What is your reaction to his arguments and why?

Based on reading and listening to “The Police Experiment that Changed What We Know about Foot Patrol,” what’s the main finding from the “foot patrol” experiments? What do they indicate would be more effective than the standard policing currently done? Your thoughts on this?

What are two points from Michelle Alexander’s TEDTalk “The Future of Race in America” that you found particularly interesting and why?

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