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Chemistry Project
The last four chapters of this course involve looking at the Earth, the air, and the water around us, as well as the energy that we utilize. These chapters relate the chemistry concepts that we have been learning to the natural resources around us and some of the issues related to these resources. It is important to understand the chemistry involved if we want to actually find solutions to the environmental issues that we face. This project will require you to look at an environmental or energy related issue in more depth. You will apply some of the chemical knowledge that you have learned in this course, but also look at the human impact, as science and the environment are intricately related to humans.

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Chemistry Project
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This project will be completed in 3 parts in place of our weekly Unit Activities. After the first two parts are completed, you will have the opportunity to go back and make changes before the final report is due to earn points back.

· Choosing the topic-

· Avoid using too broad or generic topics like climate change/global warming, water or air pollution, or alternate sources of energy. Rather focus on some specific factors that could contribute to these issues. For example, choose some of the specific water contaminants like heavy metals and so on.

· Also avoid choosing topics on the past events such as Flint Water crisis or Deepwater Horizon Oil spill etc. Instead, think the other way, cite these events as examples in your paper but avoid writing the entire paper on these disasters.

· Since you would need to include the chemistry behind your topic, spend some time going through your chapters for Unit 4 and think about the topics that you could elaborate from chemistry perspective.

· Part 1 (Introduction)-

· After choosing the topic, give it a proper title.

· Write an introductory paragraph giving the topic you chose and explain why you chose this topic. Write a paragraph giving historical background information on what led to the issue.

· Write a paragraph explaining why this is (or was) an issue. Include the resources that you used.

· Part 2 (Main body)-

· This part should mainly focus on the chemistry of the issue. Explain the related chemistry and how the issue relates to what we have learned in class. Also, discuss things that have helped alleviate the issue or other things that could be possible solutions. Any environmental issue can be studied from a chemical perspective. In this part you want to discuss the properties of the elements or compounds that relate to your topic. If your topic involves any type of physical or chemical change you will want to show any relevant reactions. Another thing to discuss would be any energy changes that may be taking place. Talk about the topic from a chemistry perspective and do not elaborate too much on government policies, just a brief mention of that should suffice. Since each topic is unique, it is hard to give specific examples so please contact me if you need help with this part of the project.

· Part 3: The final part of the project is to focus on the impact on society of the issue you chose. When examining the impact that has been made on society, it is important to understand that “impact” can mean many things. For example, there may be an impact on people’s health and well-being, such as the increase in cancer for an area that was impacted by nuclear radiation. Normally there is some sort of negative impact on the environment, as it may affect animals or plants. It can impact quality of life if it makes a daily task harder, such as areas that cannot drink water and are forced to use bottled water. You can also look at the financial impact for the person, company, or community that now has to deal with cleanup or pollution issues. All the claims or research based statements that you mention, make sure you include the reference to back that up. For example, if you say studies have shown that every year…XYZ happens.., then include the reference for the study that you found.

Include a conclusion with your report.

· The Final Project should include all parts of the project in one document. The cover page should only have your name, title of your topic, and semester & year. The final document will be approximately 3 ½ – 5 pages excluding the cover page (12 pt font double-spaced).

Include AT LEAST 5 REFERENCES. Your book can be one of your references. Absolutely NO information from blogs or unauthenticated sites should be included in the paper.

· For references, do not copy & paste the links directly. You can use some free online sites such as EasyBib to convert links into proper format.

· The reference in the main text should match with the ones given at the end. When including the reference in the main text, use (Last name of the first author, Year style). For example, (Chahal, 2010).

Important Note : The final paper must be written in your own words. Instructor are provided with technology tools to check if it is students’ own work. Any work copied from other sites will be considered plagiarism and will receive no credit.

Grading Rubric-
Please refer to the rubric below when writing your paper. I will use the same rubric to grade your project. This will give you an idea of what I expect and look for when grading.

Possible Points

Overall Content and Organization

All sections are clear and focused.

Thorough understanding of the topic, all aspects are addressed.

Use of formal language, no slang used, written in own words.

The flow is consistent and organized.

Skillful transition, strong sentence structure, no redundant information, no grammatical or spelling mistakes.

All claims are supported by proper references.


Part 1


Clearly informs the reader why the writer chose this topic (the significance).

Relevant background information with references included.


Part 2- Connection with Chemistry

A logical understanding of chemistry concepts relevant to the topic.

Relevant chemical equations and formulas are written properly.

Relevant references included.


Part-3 Impact on Society

Correlation between the topic and its impact on society.

Discusses the impacts from a broader scientific perspective.

No personal opinions are included, all claims and ideas are supported by strong evidence (references).



Uses 5 or more cited sources. You may follows MLA guidelines.

Appropriate use of the references in the main text using parenthetical citation style (author’s last name, year or page#).


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