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 The Steeles went to Clayton’s Appliances store to purchase a clothes dryer. The clothes dryer was purchased brand new and was manufactured by Grey Enterprises. After purchasing the dryer, the Steeles read the instruction manual and followed all of its guidelines. The dryer worked perfectly for the first 6 months. Then one day Mrs. Steele was drying clothes when the dryer suddenly caught on fire and burned the house down. Mrs. Steele was burned significantly in the fire as well. It was determined that a defect in the dryer, specifically a faulty wire, was the cause of the fire. An expert testified that the wire should have been sheathed in blue-7 coating but it was sheathed in blue-6 coating instead. After obtaining documents from Clayton’s and Grey Enterprises, it was discovered that the dryer left Grey’s facilities in perfect condition with the proper wiring in place. During the shipment to Clayton’s, the dryer was damaged a little and Clayton had to make some minor repairs, including replacing the wire at issue.

If Mrs. Steele sues Clayton’s and Grey Enterprises for negligence under strict products liability, what will the likely outcome be? 

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